7th Heaven: 120 min
For those who want pampering of body and soul. Full body massage, exfoliation, wrap in custom body mask, and a small facial.
kr. 899, -

Karmameju body treatment: 90 min
body massage, exfoliation and wrapping the body mask.
kr. 699, -

(The treatment was formerly called Comfort Zone Body)

Heavenly body massage: 60 min
Full body massage and scalp electricity. facial massage of your choice.
kr. 565, -

Relaxing scalp / face massage: 30 min
Works relaxing and soothing. Counteracts headache and stiff musculature.
kr. 325, -

Mother To Be: 105 min
Welcome massage, exfoliation, soothing body mask and a small pedicure.
kr. 799, -