When you try to play your favorite computer game, you may encounter the error message A debugger has been found on your system. Delete from memory & restart program. This is actually due khổng lồ the fact that the trò chơi company puts into its games a tool that detects if a debugger is running on your computer, and if this is detected, the trò chơi will not work khổng lồ protect its source code from being copied. In this final article in our troubleshooting series, we’ll show you how to lớn solve this particular problem.

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Restart the computer before performing any of the recommended troubleshooting actions below. This action refreshes the operating system and removes the corrupted temporary data that could be causing the problem.

Several factors can cause this problem, from a running antivirus program to an outdated version of Windows. Here are the steps to follow lớn solve this problem.

địa chỉ the game to the antivirus exclusion list

It is possible that the antivirus program installed on your computer is blocking the trò chơi on the Internet. If this is the cause of the problem, you should địa chỉ the game’s executable file to the exclusion list.

Windows DefenderPress the Windows key & type Windows Defender in the search bar.Open an application called Windows Defender Security Center.Select Virus & threat protection.Change khổng lồ setting Virus & threat protection. Windows may ask you khổng lồ allow the administrator to use this feature. If yes, press Yes.Search window Add or remove exceptions. Click on it and you will be taken to lớn a thực đơn where you can địa chỉ exceptions.Click on the exclude folder option và navigate khổng lồ your games folder. Once there, select the folder and save the changes. Bit guardOpen Bitdefender and navigate khổng lồ the protection window by clicking on the shield icon shown in the image below.Click on the link titled View Modules.Click the Settings icon that you see in the upper right corner of Antivirus.Click the Exceptions tab that is available in the window.Press List of files and folders excluded from the scan.Press the ADD key. Go to the games directory & select a thư mục to exclude from the scan. You must also select the Both option before adding an exception.Press Add & save your changes.You can also add the trò chơi executable lớn the exclusion menu by clicking Excluded Processes fromscan. When the window appears, you can navigate to lớn the gas file .exe located in your main trò chơi directory. Select both and save the changes. AvastAntivirusOpen the Avast interface.Press the Settings button in the lower left corner of the screen.From the Settings menu, select General and scroll through the danh sách of options until you find exception .Expand the section and you will see a dialog box where you can địa chỉ global exceptions. Go to lớn your game folder using the Browse option.After selecting the trò chơi folder, press ADD at the bottom left of the screen. Press OK and it will be added to lớn Avast Global Exclusions. McAfee AntivirusOpen McAfee Antivirus by clicking on its icon on the toolbar in the lower right corner of Windows.Press Safety Management.Select the option Schedule and start the scan in the window Virus & Spyware Protection.Select the Scan Schedules option from the list of options below. A new window opens with the showroom button in tab Excluded files and folders. Select the game folder after clicking showroom via file Explorer.Once you reach the location, select the thư mục and save the changes.

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Kaspersky ABOpen Kaspersky AV via the system tray icon in the lower right corner of the screen.Go to menu Settings .Click the Advanced tab & select the Threats & Exceptions tab from the options list.Click Configure Exceptions in the center of the screen.Select the add option at the bottom right of the screen.Now navigate to the games folder using the Browse button. Once there, select the thư mục and save the changes.

Check if a debugger is running on your system và if it is still working.

Windows software update

The problem may be caused by a bug in your current version of Windows. These bugs are usually fixed by updates. Therefore, make sure that your operating system is running on the latest version.

Open the Settings thực đơn by pressing the cogwheel button at the bottom left of the Start menu.Find section Update và Security at the bottom of the settings window & click on it to open the Windows update options, among others.Stay on the Windows Update tab and click the kiểm tra for Updates button under Update Status to lớn see if a new version of Windows is available to lớn users.If this is the case, Windows should automatically start the boot & installation process.Restart the computer after the update process is completed.

Check if a debugger is running on your system & if it is still working.

System recovery

One troubleshooting step that usually works is lớn restore the system. It works lượt thích a time machine và takes your computer back to a time when there were no problems. Chú ý that this only works if you have previously activated the system restore function.

Search System Restore from the tìm kiếm bar next lớn the Start menu & click Create Restore Point. In the System Properties window, click System Restore.Select option Select another restore point and click Next .Select a specific restore point that you previously saved manually. Alternatively, you can select a restore point from the list and click Next to start the restore process. When the process is complete, you are back lớn the state your computer was in at the time.

Check if a debugger is running on your system and if it is still working.

check if the problem occurs in safe mode.

To check if other software you have installed or are working on is causing the problem, boot the computer in safe mode.

Press Windows + R on the keyboard to mở cửa the Run dialog box, type msconfig , và then press OK.Click on the Boot tab và activate the Safe Boot option.On the Run tab, click Open Task Manager.On the Start tab of the Task Manager window, right-click each activated startup item và select Disable.Press OK, then Restart. check if there is a problem. If the problem does not occur, try activating the startup items one by one in Task Manager & then restart the computer. Try running the program every time until it gives the same error message. That’s the culprit, so try to lớn fix or remove it.Remember khổng lồ undo the changes và restart the computer.

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