Many businesses, maybe even yours, use email as their primary channel for communication with new và existing clients by connecting their other domains, because let’s be honest, sending business-related emails from john
doesn’t strike us as professional. That’s why in our case for example, we use our own domain name

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Another thing that helps your emails look professional from a visual perspective, is the profile picture. Think about it, do you take an thư điện tử more seriously with the brand logo sản phẩm of the company, or when you get a cold e-mail coming from kristina
with her profile picture shown?


Probably the latter, I’m guessing.

There is a catch though, usually, your Google account picture is shown in emails sent from the domain & not from your own domain. So, if you have an email address in tin nhắn under Accounts under the ‘Sent thư điện tử as:’ field, your picture won’t be shown.

Luckily, there is a way around this.

How khổng lồ set up your Google trương mục profile photo

First, you need to lớn go or in your email click on the Manage your Google tài khoản button in the upper right corner and it will take you to lớn your Google account profile. Then click on the Personal Info tab on the left side menu.

Now in the same tab go khổng lồ the liên hệ info section where under e-mail in the Alternative emails section, you can địa chỉ all of the email addresses you will want to lớn send emails from.

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Finally, simply verify your newly added email addresses to make sure the profile picture shows correctly. You’ll get a verify e-mail from Google for every thư điện tử address you add, so make sure you vì chưng it.

Default tài khoản settings

You might have different sending accounts connected to your Gmail. Make sure you select the tài khoản you’ve phối the email aliases to lớn as a primary sending thư điện tử address. In the “Send mail as:” option mix your tài khoản as “default”, otherwise your profile picture will not be synced with the sending thư điện tử address, thus it won’t show up in your sent emails.

Wait why vày I need this?

This is a great way khổng lồ make your business emails look more appealing. Let’s say you use Zoho email and you have a number of thư điện tử accounts dedicated lớn different parts of the business.

Isn’t it better when you receive emails from newsletter
or customersupport
with a displayed biểu tượng logo to signify the status of the e-mail and you’ll know at first glance that the email is coming from a trusted source & having a profile picture shown on the email raises the trust level of the thư điện tử receiver.

Also, setting up a profile picture in tin nhắn for your custom tên miền emails lowers the chances of your emails being marked as SPAM. Something you definitely want to do all that you can khổng lồ avoid, because a high SPAM rating can have a number of negative effects on your domain authority và sending ability.

If you followed this short guide, you should be all set & the only thing left to do is to test the change by sending an e-mail and if you’ve done everything correctly they should see your profile picture.