Hi yên ổn new in taiwan vps playing BNS, lặng experiencing disconnection & internet problem in this server, i have 180ms, can some one help khổng lồ reduce the lag in the game?



And it doesnt matter because they already stated numerous times there will be no new servers opened.

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You"re asking this? I want an Oceanic server too!


Let alone they can"t fix their problem with the alt-tab crash.

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Every year there is either a request for a SA/SEA server & the call for it is really small. Found a liên kết to a petition with only 426 players actually signing up for it which 2 years ago isn"t very many people. Doubt today"s population would be much different to lớn equal 20-30% like you claim. Sorry, playing with high ping does suck but if you enjoy the game it is just something you grin và bare. 

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Just read this, discussed every year & every year the answer is no since you have more closer regions you can play on.

The menu of topics that appear every 1-3 weeks is as follows:

We want a hệ thống in x regionThe game is dead, dying, and/or mostly deadp2wBan x OP class in PvP

The answer is no, never, forever not. Well maybe yes in the next 10 years after everybody else stop playing. The reason is because BnS has already been licensed & localized for thailand and Vietnam, two of the big market in the region, by local operator. So there is no point for NC to lớn set up another server. If you want ENG vps in SEA, go petition to lớn any trò chơi operators in Singapore lớn license the game for you, not here. If you can prove to them that there are enough whales khổng lồ be profitable, your wish will probably be granted. Good luck.

The problem here why need Sea hệ thống cuz of some country are IP blocked from BnS taiwan/Thai or Vietnam. Although we still use Vpn for ping adjustment, it still doesn"t work. Fyi there is a lot of filipino"s who loved khổng lồ play BnS NA/Taiwan server before but now some of them ended up playing other games cuz of ping problems. Hope other company or Operators will hear us. #BnSisLife