On the occasion of the launch of Than Khuc di động game, Gamota publisher has brought players the Code, GiftCode including valuable gifts. Please follow the article khổng lồ know how to lớn get Code Than Khuc sản phẩm điện thoại.

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The masterpiece of an attractive sầu tactical role-playing game comes from Gamota publisher called Than Khuc mobile. Right now players can join the forums lớn bring themselves the Code, along with many attractive items of the game.


điện thoại Spirit – Single Ton Tam Gioi

– Link to download Android version: Thần Khúc điện thoại for Android– Download link for iOS version: Thần Khúc mobile for iPhone

How to get Code, GiftCode game Spirit Khuc Mobile

Method 1: Register lớn receive gifts on the homepage of Than Khuc điện thoại game here

first. GiftCode items

Players join the liên kết above to go to the home page page of the game, make a report by clicking on Newspaper title


Fill full the information Full Name, E-Mail, Phone Number and cliông xã Join


GiflCode will be sent directly lớn the E-Mail and Phone Number you used khổng lồ register when the sự kiện ended. Rewards include:

– KNB thẻ with loông xã (100): 1– Dan Tu Nature: 20– Spirit of Stones: 1

2. GiftCode Divine

Every time you log in and take attendance every day on the homepage, you will receive sầu weapon cast pieces. When accumulating enough you will redeem the corresponding GiftCode according lớn the mold you received. In addition to sharing event information on Facebook every day you will also receive sầu a piece.


3. Grateful Vip Gamota

All players who have an Appota ID tài khoản who have sầu previously deposited money into lớn Gamota games from 1,000,000 & above sầu will have sầu the opportunity to receive the corresponding Vip Codes, helping players who have been sticking lớn the games on Gamota khổng lồ experience. Divine Spirit better.

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Method 2: Join the activities on the game forums here

Players participating in activities and events organized by BQT on the game’s Fanpage forum have the opportunity to own the Code, along with other attractive và valuable gifts lớn help players more convenient in the process. join game Spirit Khuc Mobile

Method 3: Join the Group of games here

Joining the Group you have the opportunity to join with gamers around the world, to discuss with them on issues related lớn Divine sản phẩm điện thoại. Not only that, you also have sầu the opportunity khổng lồ own the codes that BQT has created lớn bring a happy & healthy playground.

Method 4: Join forums, online newspapers, web portals like gamek, 2game, gamehub … you will have sầu the opportunity khổng lồ own the Code code when the game officially launches.

Above sầu are some instructions, how to get Code trò chơi Spirit Khuc Mobile is simple & most effective sầu, the game has an attractive strategy game on Mobile. In addition, you can also play điện thoại Spirit on your computer with software emulator Bluestacks, the best Android emulation application currently on the computer, promising lớn bring many interesting experiences for you.