Version: 4.2.0
Operating System: Windows, Linux
License: không tính phí
Developer Name: Sopcast
Total Downloads: 317,526
Category: clip Streaming, Broadcasting
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How to lớn Uninstall Sopcast

After you’re finished with Sopcast, you can completely remove it from your computer in a few easy steps:

Type “Add or Remove Program” in the tìm kiếm bottom on your PC.Click on the System settings icon that appears, then scroll down lớn select “Serial Key Generator.”Click “Uninstall”.

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If you’re still looking for a truyền thông broadcasting program with different features, kiểm tra out the không tính phí alternatives below.

Sopcast Overview

SopCast is a không lấy phí media broadcast & distribution software for devices using Windows & Linux operating systems. The program is powered by P2P (peer-to-peer) protocol, allowing users khổng lồ share and stream truyền thông media via the mạng internet without bothering about the cost of powerful servers and vast bandwidth.

Sopcast ensures stable sharing of data among P2P users. It also allows for fast buffering of videos with minimal delay while bypassing Firewall and NAT traversal using 90% P2P barriers. With SopCast, any user can build their own media channel and broadcast to up to 10,000 other viewers online. SopCast is relatively easy to lớn use, but the limited broadcast channels might limit the kích thước of audience it can reach.

Features of Sopcast For PC

The program is ideal for live streaming videos from multiple sources. With SopCast, multiple users can stream media nội dung in real-time, using different streaming protocols.

There are three main components to lớn the program:Live Channels for streaming TV channels, mainly from Europe, China, Japan, Brazil, & Korea.VOD Channels for videos-on-demand.MyServer, which lets you broadcast media from your computer to other SopCast users.You can địa chỉ channels you like to a ‘favorites list’ and adjust the screen size. Note that you may likely experience slow refresh rates, and đoạn phim playback may freeze sometimes.Two log-in options are available: You can log in anonymously or create an account (this is necessary if you wish khổng lồ start broadcasting your own nội dung to other users).The channels are accessible from anywhere in the world & not limited by geography.

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Free Alternatives to lớn Sopcast

Live TV for Windows 10: this is an application for enjoying TV and live radio. It offers users access to lớn more than 500 live television channels in a variety of languages from FilmOn TV. Live TV is a complete package, consisting of UK TV, Sports, News, Movies, Documentaries, Lifestyle, Kids, and Music.

WebTV: WebTV is a multimedia application that allows you to view over 500 different TV channels from 140 countries worldwide, right from your computer. It features each channel according to lớn country. Users can also search for specific channels using the tìm kiếm bar. In addition khổng lồ all of this, the program does not contain any ads.

Twitch TV: Twitch is a video clip live streaming service that primarily focuses on đoạn phim game live streaming, but can be used for other purposes, such as broadcasts of esports competitions. It also lets users broadcast music, creative content, “in real life” streams, which is a more recent addition. Twitch is run by Twitch Interactive, a subsidiary of, Inc.


Is Sopcast free?

Sopcast is absolutely free to everyone. You can use the application for as long as you want. To download the program, simply follow the tải về guide above.

Is Sopcast Secure?

The program is không lấy phí of bugs and malware. Make sure you use the download link provided.

Can I Stream with Sopcast Offline?

Yes, Sopcast allows users khổng lồ access multiple features that can be viewed both offline and online.