The last of four people accused in a scheme lớn entice people through Facebook và rob them at gunpoint in Ascension Parish has been sentenced lớn 10 years in state prison for his role in the plot.

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Tyrell Jimerson, 27, was part of a group that purported khổng lồ sell iPhones through Facebook and gave interested buyers an address lớn make the purchase, according to lớn the plea agreements for Jimerson and other defendants.

But, when people arrived, they were robbed at gunpoint while still in their vehicles, the plea agreements say.

Under a khuyễn mãi giảm giá reached with Assistant District Attorney Phil Maples this week, Jimerson admitted that he và his codefendants "actively participated in the phối up" of the Facebook post that had led to two sets of victims being robbed at gunpoint.

Jimerson, of Donaldsonville, entered his plea Wednesday in Gonzales before 23rd Judicial District Judge Cody Martin to lớn the reduced charges of two counts of conspiracy lớn commit armed robbery, court minutes say.

Jimerson, who had been mix for a jury trial this week, received the longest actual time in prison of the four defendants accused in the plot.

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His three codefendants had already taken pleas to lớn reduced charges between the fall of 2019 và September that had committed them to lớn testifying against him at any trial, their plea deals say.

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All the codefendants had received suspended or deferred sentences that had them out of prison at the time of Jimerson"s plea, court minutes show. At least two were still on probation.

In addition to prison time, Jimerson was also given three years of home incarceration under state probation officers" supervision. 

Jimerson"s attorney asked for permission for Jimerson lớn enter a work release program while in prison, but Judge Martin deferred a ruling on Wednesday pending submission of a proposed order.

The others already convicted in the robbery plot were Kaitlyn Cox, 26; Michael Lomas, 27; and Michael Jones, 25. Cox and Jones are of the Gonzales area. Lomas is of the Geismar area.

Jimerson"s defense attorney & a spokesman for prosecutors in Ascension didn"t return a điện thoại tư vấn or e-mail for phản hồi Friday.

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