Coc Coc is one of the most used browsers in Vietnam. Along with Chromium platforms lượt thích Google Chrome, Coc Coc has a built-in flash player so you can easily enjoy movies, listen lớn music, play games, & Facebook when blocked … without any additional installation. Any other instrument. To lớn know how to turn on Flash on Coc Coc, turn on và off Adobe Flash Player, please follow the article below.

Coc Coc browser brings many interesting features such as browser integration torrent download, capture đoạn phim link, music, support go khổng lồ Facebook when blocked. However, when you watch movies on some websites, the browser will report an error asking the user to enable flash player to lớn watch, the cause is because Coc Coc has built-in flash player but the user needs to turn on the flash on the browser.

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on Coc Coc can watch movies or play games with flash player.

How to lớn enable Flash on Coc Coc, turn on và off Adobe Flash Player

Step 1: On your Coc Coc browser, click on the Coc Coc icon in the left corner of the window, then select Setting.

Step 2: In the settings column on the left, navigate to the thành phầm Private then choose Content settings in the right column.


Step 3: On the nội dung settings dialog box, scroll down khổng lồ the Flash cống phẩm and kiểm tra the option Detect & run critical Flash content (recommended) to lớn let the browser flash automatically when you watch the movie. Besides, you can also kiểm tra the sản phẩm Allow website lớn run Flash Above khổng lồ enable Flash on Coc Coc for all websites.

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So you have finished turning on Flash on Coc Coc, turning on và off Adobe Flash Player, but not always the browser works properly with some websites. So when you can’t watch the movie & get the error asking lớn activate the flash, you can click exclamation point icon next to the error website và select Flash ->Always allowed on this site.


The above is a complete guide for you khổng lồ turn on flash on Coc Coc browser, turn on and off Adobe Flash Player most effectively so you can comfortably watch movies, play games without any notice requiring flash activation. If you have not installed Flash Player on your computer, please refer to how to lớn install Flash Player so you can play games và watch Flash videos on your browser.

In addition, when using Flash on popular browsers, sometimes you will encounter a flash plugin failed lớn load error that prevents users from watching movies và working. Way fix the failed flash plugin failed to load on Adobe Flash Player is also quite simple that you can quickly fix and fix.

Coc Coc users often encounter the error that Adobe Flash Player is blocked due to lớn obsolescence, the reason is that the Flash Player installation on the computer is no longer compatible with Coc Coc browser, you should download and install the latest Adobe Flash player to lớn fix Error Flash player blocked due khổng lồ outdated Coc Coc Please

As mentioned, Coc Coc is a versatile browser today, in addition to lớn the functions that support web browsing, Vietnamese typing, Coc Coc also supports Facebook when blocked quite effectively, just install Coc Coc and you can you can access Facebook without installing any additional applications. Good luck. Chrome browser has the same source code as Coc Coc, that’s why enabling Flash on Chrome is similar lớn how khổng lồ enable Flash on Coc Coc, please refer to how khổng lồ enable Flash on Chrome if you don’t have the best way to vày it.