(clblamgame.com) - Now that it"s available, the Samsung Galaxy S5 will probably be the biggest selling android handset of 2014, regardless of the fierce competition it faces.

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The fifth-generation Galaxy S has been poked, prodded và scrutinised - including a full reviews right here on clblamgame.com, but there are probably a few surprises left.

Here are 10 things you probably didn"t know about the Samsung Galaxy S5.

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1. One-handed operation

The SGS5 is a big device and Samsung knows this. Fortunately there"s a one-handed mode. A quick swipe from the side of the display to lớn the centre and back will shrink the on-screen display making it easier khổng lồ reach all points with one thumb.

Even better, if you vì chưng it from the left, it moves lớn the left, if you vì it from the right, it goes right. It"s a feature lifted from the Galaxy cảnh báo and you"ll find it in settings, sound and display, one-handed operation.

2. Toolbox

The Toolbox is a clever floating shortcut tiện ích menu you can enable on the SGS5. It"s hiding in settings, sound and display, under Toolbox.

All you have to vì is địa chỉ cửa hàng your favourite apps - up to lớn five - và you"ll get a small floating button that"s always on display. It means you can be reading a message and dive straight lớn the browser, or any other app you want.

3. You can finger it sideways

There"s a fingerprint scanner on the SGS5 embedded into the trang chủ button. The phone shows demos of a straight swipe lớn unlock, but that"s impossible to do when you"re gripping the phone in one hand.

Fortunately, you can register your fingerprint sideways. Just set-up the scanner to lớn register your finger or thumb gripping the device as you normally would & it should all work fine.

4. Apps tray folders

To keep your apps tray tidy, you can create folders in the apps tray. This will save scrolling, letting you group together things lượt thích productivity apps or games.

To create a thư mục you have to mở cửa the apps tray & hit the thực đơn button đứng đầu right and opt to create folder. You can then xuất hiện this folder and địa chỉ cửa hàng the apps you want into it.

5. Live HDR mode

The camera has a "live" HDR (high dynamic range) mode. It"s just like normal HDR modes, but it shows you the results before you press the capture button.

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This means that it will balance out the scene in front of you, lifting foreground shadows & adding contrast lớn skies, for example, và you"ll see the difference as soon as you engage HDR in the camera.

6. Display your steps on the lock screen

Samsung is making a play for fitness in the Samsung Galaxy S5 with its new S Health 3.0 app. There"s a pedometer onboard to count your steps, but a great feature is that it will show your steps on the lock screen.

This means you"ll get at-a-glance step information every time you look at your phone.

7. Two finger swipe for quick settings

There are some hardware shortcuts in the notifications bar, but if you want khổng lồ get lớn a fuller menu of feature toggles, use a two-finger swipe down to lớn access a huge list.

This is actually a standard apk feature, but Samsung as taken it to lớn the max so you can quickly toggle on và off the features you want.

8. Multi windows means multitasking

There"s a multi window feature on the SGS5 that apes that found on the Galaxy lưu ý devices. You can select the apps you want to mở cửa and pick how much space each gets.

Even better, it remembers your options. With multi window turned on, you can have it open a liên kết in Twitter in the Chrome browser và split the screen. Instagram liên kết no longer feel lượt thích a pain, as you can keep scanning Twitter while it loads on the bottom half of the display.

9. Where"s the bloatware?

Samsung has left a lot of the bloat out of the Galaxy S5. Unlike previous devices, Samsung hasn"t piled it all in to lớn the SGS5 from the get go. However, there"s a shortcut lớn the Galaxy Essentials selectionin the apps tray menu.

Hit this shortcut & you"ll be taken to lớn the Samsung Apps store where you"ll be able to tải về lots of additional Samsung apps khổng lồ get you connected, lượt thích WatchOn, Samsung Wallet or S Note.

10. Navigation has changed

There"s been a change to the buttons configuration on the bottom of the SGS5. There"s the central home button as always, but it"s now flanked by a recent apps button và a back button.

The menu button is gone. Instead, you"ll have khổng lồ use the in-app menu button instead, which is a change from the SGS4 và previous devices. We prefer it: it"s as game android intended, bringing more consistency to the app experience across devices.