Today, we’re announcing our plans to xuất hiện Google’s first ever physical retail store, in one of the greatest cities in the world: New York.

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The new Google Store in Chelsea will be a space where customers can experience our hardware và services in a helpful way. We’ll be opening our doors khổng lồ the public in summer 2021. 

What’s inside? 

At the Google Store, customers will be able lớn browse & buy an extensive selection of products made by Google, ranging from pixel phones khổng lồ Nest products, Fitbit devices to Pixelbooks và more. Or they can shop online at and pick up their orders in store. Throughout the store, visitors will be able lớn experience how our products & services work together in a variety of immersive ways, which we’re excited to mô tả more about when the doors open.

We’ll have experts on hand lớn help visitors get the most out of their device, such as troubleshooting an issue, fixing a cracked px screen or helping with installations. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a longtime px user, are curious about our Nest displays or want to participate in one of the how-to workshops we’ll offer throughout the year — our team will be able to provide you with help that’s specific and personalized khổng lồ your needs. 

Health & safety first 

Our expectations of how we siêu thị have changed significantly, & forever, due khổng lồ the COVID-19 pandemic. Many customers still want lớn experience hardware before they buy it — and learn what it feels like, sounds lượt thích and looks lượt thích in their hand or on a desk.

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But in-store shopping might look a bit different than what customers are used to, & that’s okay. The health và safety of customers và store team is our đứng đầu priority, & we’ve built our store & shopping experience with that in mind và an eye towards the future. 

Masks, hand sanitation and social distancing will be required in the Google Store, & we’ll clean all spaces multiple times a day. The number of guests inside will be limited khổng lồ ensure our customers feel safe during their shopping experience, và easy pickup options will also be available. We will continue to closely follow the guidance of the local và national authorities to lớn adapt our health and safety procedures as needed.

Why New York?

The Google Store Chelsea will be part of our urban campus in the Chelsea neighborhood, which is home to many of our 11,000+ Google NYC employees. Google has been in new york for the last 20 years, và we view the store as a natural extension of our longtime commitment to lớn the city. 

The new Google Store is an important next step in our hardware journey of providing the most helpful experience of Google, wherever & whenever people need it. We look forward to meeting many of our customers & hearing their feedback on the store, so we can continue to lớn explore and experiment with the possibilities of a physical retail space and build upon the experience. 

For updates on our very first physical retail store, you can visit We hope to lớn see you this summer!