Giả lập máy vi tính Casio Fx-580VN Plus Fx-570VN Plus - How khổng lồ use Casio Fx-580 Plus Fx-570 Plus emulator

Instructions for using Casio Fx-580 Plus Fx-570 Plus emulator for the academic needs of teachers and students,accountants,and finance people.Casio calculator emulator on Mac, Windows, iOS, và Android.

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Table of contentsCasio emulator download for WindowsHow khổng lồ use Casio emulator on MacHow to lớn use Casio emulator on game android và iPhone

Compare Casio Fx-580 Plus & Fx-570 Plus calculators

Before simulating the Casio computer, let’s also compare some of the Fx-580 Plus và the Fx-570 Plus differences.

CharacteristicsFx-580 PlusFx-570 Plus
Memory và speedFx-580 Plus is 2 times more improved.Superior computing speed.
DisplayThere is an OPTN key to call out the functions, saving operations.There is no OPTN key.
Screen4x superior resolution, supporting more information on the screen.The Fx-580 Plus uses an LCD screen that makes it easy lớn see in bright and dark conditions, limiting eye strain & helping to save battery.
LanguageThe Vietnamese language is available.
Study supportSolve all problems from high school, high school lớn college, university.Especially useful for engineering students.

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SpreadsheetFx-580 Plus can create spreadsheets up khổng lồ 5 columns and 45 rows.
Scan QR codeSupport scanning QR code
Function552 functions417 functions

Casio emulator tải về for Windows

On Windows, chú ý that currently, you can use only the Fx-570 Plus permanently. As for the Fx-580 Plus, it’s only a 90-day trial. Download these 2 versions right below, and Lucid gen will guide you khổng lồ emulate each.

How lớn use Casio Fx-580 Plus emulator on Windows

Step 1:After downloading, mở cửa the installation tệp tin ofClassWiz Emulator Subscription for Fx-580VN X Ver.2.00and select the computer language English.

Casio Fx-580 Plus emulator on Mac

How lớn use Casio emulator on game android và iPhone

This application is also available on the tiện ích Store & CH Play for you khổng lồ easily emulate a computer on your phone.Click the button below to open the tải về page on your phone.(Android has 2 applications that I think are good, so I leave 2 links, you can refer lớn which one is suitable for you).

iOS 570 + 580
Android 570 + 580
Android 580

Casio Fx-570 Plus emulator for Android and iPhone

This is the Casio Fx-570 Plus emulator application interface on Android và iPhone, the same on Mac.

Casio Fx-580 Plus emulator for Android & iPhone

The Casio Fx-580 Plus emulator is similar to lớn how it is done on Mac, & you need lớn go khổng lồ the settings và change to FX-580 mode.


For many of you who are not convenient lớn buy a computer, the emulator to use the phone is too suitable.Sometimes we are not convenient to bring a calculator with us when we go out. Still, the phone is always there khổng lồ calculate more difficult types than the default calculator application of the phone, especially for financial và technical people.

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