Meet the error “the selected disk is of GPT partition style” during Windows installation process? Now you can learn how lớn change GPT partition style to MBR without losing data in Windows.

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/ Last Updated March 4, 2022

What is GPT format style?

Now, since Microsoft has declared thatupgrading from Windows 10 to lớn Windows 11 requires theUEFI to lớn run successfully, users who wish khổng lồ enjoy the Windows 11 system will have to lớn choose the GPT partition style. What is GPT format style is? It is well-known that a hard disk needs lớn be partitioned before normal usage. Và MBR (Master Boot Record) & GPT (GUID Partition able) are two partition types of the hard disk

MBR is a traditional partition structure khổng lồ manage disk partitions và compatible with most systems. It uses the standard BIOS boot mode, so a BIOS-based system requires to be installed on MBR. GPT is a new standard và gradually replacing MBR. A GPT disk uses a UEFI partition table. Therefore, the UEFI-based system should be installed on a GPT disk. For more information about MBR and GPT, you can read “MBR vs GPT: Which One is Better for You?”

When need to change GPT partition style to MBR?

One of the most important reasons for which you need khổng lồ convert GPT partition style to lớn MBR might be: you are trying khổng lồ install a BIOS-based Windows system on a GPT hard disk but failed, and meet the error message “Windows cannot be installed khổng lồ this disk. The selected disk is of the GPT partition style.


This error message suggests that your computer is phối up lớn boot in Legacy BIOS mode, but the hard disk you select khổng lồ install OS is of GPT partition style. In Legacy BIOS, the operating system can be installed on MBR disk only, as the Legacy BIOS does not tư vấn modern GPT partition style. Thus, you will have to change GPT partition style to lớn MBR khổng lồ fix this error.

Tip: If your motherboard supports Legacy +UEFI/CMS boot, you can enable UEFI boot mode in BIOS to lớn fix this error.1. Restart your computer and long-press the function key (Esc, Delete, F1, F2, F10, F11, or F12) khổng lồ enter BIOS.2. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard lớn locate the Boot tab, & select “UEFI/BIOS Boot Mode” > “UEFI”, then press “Enter”.

2 Methods to Change GPT partition style to MBR in BIOS

To convert GPT partition style to MBR in BIOS so as khổng lồ continue lớn install Windows successfully, there are two methods available. One is using Windows snap-in while another is turning to lớn third-party software.

Method 1. Use tool (data loss)

This method will wipe the hard drive before changing GPT to lớn MBR, thus you should backup anything you need in advance.

Step 1. Press the “Shift+F10” keys when you see the error message to open Command Prompt window. If that does not work, you can go back to lớn the first screen of the installation & press “Shift+F10”.

Step 2. Type “” in the command prompt and press “enter” to open the tool.

Step 3. Then execute the following commands in the given sequence.

list disk: các mục all disks connected to lớn your computer.

select disk #: replace # with the disk number of your hard disk which is of GPT partition style.

clean: this command will delete all partitions and data from the selected disk

convert MBR: this command will change GPT partition style to MBR.

Step 4. When you see “ successfully converted selected disk lớn MBR format”, you can type “exit” & press enter khổng lồ close the Command Prompt.

Then you can continue the Windows thiết lập installation. When choosing an installation type, select “Custom”. The hard disk will appear as a single area of unallocated space. Select it and click “Next”. Windows will begin the installation.

Tip: if you don’t want to lớn make all space on the hard disk as the system partition, you can change partition size without losing data after Windows installation..

Method 2. Use AOMEI Partition Assistant Software (no data loss)

Changing GPT partition style lớn MBR in BIOS via cause data loss, so here we giới thiệu a great disk manager named AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional. It permits you to convert a hard disk that contains partitions from GPT to lớn MBR, or MBR lớn GPT partition style in Windows 11/10/8/7 and Windows XP/Vista. Namely, you don’t have lớn remove partitions before conversion và take the risk of data loss.

However, you can back up the disk in case that some uncontrollable issues or improper operations damage your vital data during the conversion. You can first download the không tính tiền Demo edition lớn experience it.

Download ProDemo Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 1. Create a bootable USB drive (optional)

This step is necessary when you cannot boot into the computer as the Windows installation has not been finished. If you can boot into OS, skip khổng lồ step 2, please.

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1.1. Install và run this software on a working computer & plug an empty USB to lớn it as well. Click “Make Bootable Media” và click “Next” on the pop-out window.


1.2. Choose the USB drive & click “Proceed”.


1.3. Wait for the process lớn finish.


1.4. Then remove the USB safely & plug it into the computer which contains the GPT disk you need to change. Enter BIOS lớn change boot order & boot computer from the bootable USB device.


1.5. Once login, you will see AOMEI Partition Assistant is running automatically.

Step 2. Convert GPT partition style lớn MBR without losing data

Now you can follow the steps lớn convert GPT disk to MBR while keeping inside data safe.

2.1. In the main interface of AOMEI Partition Assistant, right-click the system disk & select “Convert to MBR Disk” (As you can see, the disk contains several partitions on).


2.2. Click “OK” in the pop-out window.


2.3. Back khổng lồ the main interface, click “Apply” and “Proceed” lớn commit the pending operation.


See? With the help of AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional, you can easily change the GPT partition style to MBR without data loss caused by partition deletion.

Tech tip: which OS can be installed on GPT disk

Converting GPT partition style lớn MBR can help you get rid of “The selected disk is of the GPT partition style” error message during OS installation. However, in order lớn avoid this problem in the future, you might want to know which OS can be installed onto the GPT disk & boot from it successfully.

1. Windows Vista 32-bit, XP 32-bit & the early operating systems such as Windows 2000, Windows MS-DOS/NT, Windows 95/98 cannot boot from GPT disk.

2. In Windows XP 64-bit, GPT disk can be used for data storage instead of system installation.

3. All versions of Windows Vista/XP/7/8/8.1/10, Windows hệ thống 2003/2008/2012/2016/2019/2022 can use GPT disk lớn save data to, but only 64-bit editions on UEFI-based systems can be installed on GPT disk and boot from it.



This is how to change GPT partition style to MBR in BIOStwo methods. If you want to lớn change GPT to lớn MBR without losing data, choose AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional. It also supports converting MBR lớn GPT without data loss. If you want to lớn make a conversion between MBR and GPT without deleting existing partitions in Windows server 2019/2016/2012/2008/2003, AOMEI Partition Assistant hệ thống can satisfy your needs.