I'm sorry for taking so long khổng lồ reply.

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I have been doing fine, although I haven't found much success with animation yet. It's a bit depressing, as I may need khổng lồ take another career path lớn make decent money, while doing animation on the sidelines. I listened khổng lồ Heaven Pierce Her, & I really enjoyed it once again. Everyone I'm surrounded by radio pop music that is just so bland và boring, hearing this is quite refreshing. Yes I listen to lớn experimental music on my own, but when you're in public, it's hard lớn escape what other people listen to. It's great that you are getting more feedback, it shows that you are moving on up. :) Ultrakill... I mean ULTRAKILL looks lượt thích an interesting concept for a game. I vì chưng think the music is a bit repetitive, though maybe it's just a placeholder? How bởi vì you have the time to lớn create an entire game by yourself lol? If you got extra time, maybe it would fun if you added something like pyrovision. Once you put on the goggles, everything violent would turn cutesy and fun as a weird contrast. Make it like an anime! :PI have a friend who is making music too that is a fan hâm mộ of yours. Here is his account: https://clblamgame.com/profile/LiquidPlejadesand here is some of his music.

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Https://kanashiminobelladonna.bandcamp.com/releases https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rVL5y1rQhFYN1Rkptw1j0ZlemmYn-y4Z/viewMaybe you can listen to lớn it & maybe give him some advice? I think he would really appreciate it! ^^ Yeah, I haven't gotten around to lớn Megalobox yet... But I will eventually lol. Although I have seen plenty of Osamu Dezaki's other works. (he directed Ashita no Joe). At the moment I'm catching up on My nhân vật Academia và Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (which is quite long). Even though it's not that good, I've been watching đen Clover as well once a week cause it airs on TV here lol. Also I'm watching the HxH Chimera Ant Arc in English. (I last watched it when it originally aired in Japanese). I also watched Mind trò chơi recently, it's a movie so it's an easy recommendation. Also I recently watched FLCL Progressive and now I'm watching Alternative. I say FlCL > Alternative > Progressive.I noticed my Boku Girl review is almost 4 years old now... So I think we have known each other for about that long! O_O Time sure does fly! xD I hope we can talk more soon! ^^

Hey dude it's been awhile. What's new with you? Have you been making much music lately? Have you watched any good anime or read any good manga lately?