Jinsoyun"s sword acts as a Soul Battery, allowing her khổng lồ store Soul Blades. Able khổng lồ harness 5 soul blades at a time. Each time a skill is used, Soul Blades are consumed lớn grant an additional effect.

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A new Soul Blade is created 2 weapon attacks, regardless of whether they strike a target or not. A new Soul Blade is created each time Jinsoyun successfully avoids damage with her survival skill.


Surrounds Jingsoyun in protective spiritual pressure for 0.5 sec. Successfully avoiding damage causes Jinsoyun khổng lồ retaliate in a forward thrust. +15% movespeed for 2 seconds after successfully avoiding damage with Guradian Force.


Dashes to lớn a target enemy. May dash twice in quick succession before activating a cool down.

bộ combo activates automatically. The target enemy is crushed by spiritual pressure, and is stunned for 0.5 sec.


Launches an enemy directly in front of you with an upward swipe, disabling stealth granted by brush for 3 seconds.

Must recast khổng lồ spend Soul Blades. Strike the target with an additional attack while they are launched.

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Charges lớn the target area và inflicts damage to enemies.

Must recast lớn spend Soul Blades. Releases an explosion of spiritual energy for additional damage. Targets struck by the explosion are bound for 1 sec.


Drags the target to lớn you.

Must recast khổng lồ spend Soul Blades. If your pull hits a target, và is empowered, you will be healed by 15%.

Drops three spiritual blades in a triangle formation. These blades liên kết with beams of lightning that shock & damage enemies they hit. Shock lasts for s sec.

Once Atlas had taken control of Earth, it began utilizing all of the old research centers left by humanity. Atlas started prioritizing specific areas of scientific research, including bio-mechanical synergy, robotics, AI, and temporal research in an attempt to strengthen its dominion. It was able khổng lồ use SOL to lớn connect khổng lồ the consciousnesses of other beings across realms through temporal rifts. It could lock on khổng lồ periods of time, people who had left strong imprints on the history of their realm, or even traumatic events. Atlas used this power to copy the consciousnesses of great warriors into biological minds and implant them into Synd bodies. The process was unstable, not always going as planned.

One such time, upon copying the consciousness of a great warrior from another realm, her will was too strong to lớn control. Her mind was inseparable from her physical form. Instead, her toàn thân and equipment manifested whole in the Synd replication tank (which normally only forms the brain, prepared for its mechanical body). The girl Jinsoyun rebelled, destroying the compound & rendering Atlas" ability to replicate great warriors null. Dredgion forces had been watching the compound for some time, waiting for an opportunity to strike. Upon seeing its destruction, they advanced and were able lớn confront Jinsoyun. They convinced her lớn join them, as they were both fighting the same enemy. She agreed, for vengeance, và for a chance at reuniting her consciousness with the source it was ripped from khổng lồ become whole again.