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*" webOS 2.0 simplifies your life and creates a TV environment that is fun to learn and easy to use. Maximize the full potential of your Smart TV the easy way và access more options than ever before. Sit bachồng, relax & let webOS 2.0 make watching TV effortless and enjoyable.

The enjoyment starts at the beginning when you turn on your TV with Smart Setup. Bean Bird guides you through the basic thiết đặt process the easy way and assists you in a perfectly stress-không lấy phí environment. The Quichồng Setting function enables you change the screen settings at any time when using your TV. Setting up & adjusting your TV is now easier than ever – making the entire time fun & enjoyable.
Navigate through all of your options to any ứng dụng, broadcast, VOD service or connected peripheral while staying on your current screen. The Launcher allows you lớn instantly và seamlessly switch your viewing nội dung without interruption. Just stay seated and never miss out on your entertainment.

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Look no further than the Content Store for any of your entertainment needs. offers you a simple one-stop shopping experience for TV programs, VOD, 3D nội dung, apps và much more. Whatever you want to view is readily available and brought directly lớn you in the most accessible manner.
Input Assist instantly lets you plug in and play whenever you connect an external device to lớn your Smart TV. A helpful guide will pop up & direct you through your options. Input Picker is readily accessible at the top right of the Home screen for you khổng lồ easily select from which input you wish lớn view.
SmartShare enables you to comfortably navigate through all your favorite nội dung in the all-in-one entertainment hub. Instantly access your entertainment stored on your smart devices and connect with family & friends while staying seated at your TV. Now everyone can cốt truyện và enjoy their entertainment through SmartShare on your webOS TV.
Take complete control of your entertainment with the use of your Magic Remote. Eliminate the hassle from your TV experience by simply pointing, clicking or scrolling the way you would use a computer mouse. Universal Control for your visual và audio settings has never been this easy và intuitive sầu. All you need lớn bởi is just sit baông chồng và let the magic of your remote take control.
Display DeviceLEDScreen Size (Inch)40Resolution19đôi mươi x 1080BLU TypeDirectPMI700LED Plus (Local Dimming)Yes