If you are interested in the strategy game 3Q Who Is King with the chất lượng game delivery system, then you cannot ignore this article, Taimienphi will guide you how to get Code 3Q Who Is King simple và fast.

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On the occasion of launching the game, NPH has released a code of Giftcode 3Q Ai La King to lớn help gamers have a better experience in the beginning stage. Be quick for yourself Code 3Q Who Is The King to lớn meet the familiar Three Kingdom generals.

3Q Who’s The King – Three Kingdoms strategy trò chơi on Mobile

– liên kết to download Android version: 3Q Who Is the King for Android– tải về link for game ios version: 3Q Who Is the King for iPhone

Newcomer GifCode: d10d1X130nwhzG

How khổng lồ get Code 3Q Who’s King

Method 1: Get Code by participating in the event Share event Page Here

Players join the like and mô tả posts in the link above on their personal pages, leaving them public. Then directly follow the instructions & chat with the fanpage facebook admin lớn get a Code. Rewards for players who perform all the steps outside The flexible spirit There are also other valuable gifts like

– General Lu Linh Khoi– Stone Than Binh 1 x100– Wait x 5

Method 2: Get Code directly from Admin of Gamepage 3Q Ai La King Here

Gamers access the links above then select Begin.


A dialogue appears, now you choose Code receiving event.


Now you participate in one of the activities here to lớn proceed to receive Code 3Q Who Is King by clicking and completing all the steps required by the BTC khổng lồ receive the corresponding reward, the khuyến mãi 3Q Ai codes Is the King of value.

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Instruction lớn enter Code 3Q Who Is King

In 3Q Who Is King there are many different types of GiftCode & the forms to get are also different, gamers who follow the steps below will definitely receive gifts from the mã code 3Q Who Is King.

Step 1: First you log into the trò chơi 3Q Ai La King, click on the character icon Avarta Top left as shown in the picture.


Step 2: At the character information panel select Redemption Code to enter Code 3Q Who’s King.


Step 3: Then you enter the code 3Q Who Is The King who received the above methods into the box Enter the redemption code and choose Confirm.


https://thuthuat.taimienphi.vn/huong-dan-nhan-code-3q-ai-la-vua-46633n.aspx Thus, Taimienphi has just taught you how to get Code 3Q Who Is King và how lớn enter Code 3Q Who Is King with just a few simple steps, wish you success. Great Journey khổng lồ the West is a turn-based game launched the same day with 3Q Who Is King, bringing many gifts Code dẻo Duong Journey to lớn the West NPH is dedicated lớn gamers, the trò chơi has a rich tactical system and novel chiến tranh mode that promises to lớn bring appeal và drama lớn you.