When playing MOD Game, you wonder why you have khổng lồ install APK file? Or some games need OBB? What are APK (APKs) & OBB? In the content of this article I will explain khổng lồ you to lớn better understand these terms. You should know about them to avoid encountering minor errors when downloading hacked games.

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What is an APK?

First, the APK stands for ANDROID APPLICATION PAKAGE, meaning the application installer used on Android. APK is a compressed tệp tin format similar khổng lồ ZIPhường., based on JAR format and has a .android extension.

If you want lớn install applications not available on Google Play, limited by country, unreleased games, paid apps … và especially when you want to lớn install games & applications already MOD, Hachồng at clblamgame.com, you can install them via APK files.

What is OBB?

OBB is an additional data tệp tin for games & applications. Some need them lớn work, while some don’t. If you see the Obb tải về link in the posts on clblamgame.com then that means you need khổng lồ tải về them.

What are APKs?

With the advent of Android App Bundles, this new format of Google Play will make it impossible for us to lớn nói qua APKs anymore. Replace it with APKs.

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Allows installation of the APK application

If you want khổng lồ install games or applications through APKs, you must ensure that your phone installs the ứng dụng through Google Play.

Do this by going to Settings> Security> and selecting Unknown sources.


Install the APK

Installing an APK file is as simple as eating a cake. You tải về it from our website, cliông xã on it và you will see a message, select Install khổng lồ install the application on your device.

Common problems encountered when installing games and APK applications

1. Error “The application has not been installed”

Please take each of the following measures:

If you get this error, you are probably installing another version of the application you are trying khổng lồ install. Please remove it first!It is also possible that the Play Protect feature is enabled, turn off Play Protect!This error may also occur because your device does not support this APK file.If you’ve done all of the above sầu và still don’t fix the problem, try rebooting the device!2. Error “Download failed because you may not have purchased this app”

This error usually occurs for OBB applications, it seems that you forgot to lớn download OBB.

What if even if I copied OBB lớn the correct location & still got an error? Try installing the original version from Google Play first, then uninstall and reinstall it with APK / OBB.