Blade & Soul’s 2nd Anniversary update introduces a new system that allows you khổng lồ tailor the look of select costumes and adornments lớn fit your own personal style. 

Flaunt Your Style

Choose a new color & pattern on some of your favorite cosmetics khổng lồ create a whole new look that will make you st& out from the crowd. Cosmetics that are customizable will have a costume symbol on the top left corner of their thành phầm inhỏ.

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To begin designing the new look of your garment, press CTRL + C or left cliông chồng on an eligible cosmetic from your inventory & select the Tailor Shop option khổng lồ enter the Tailor Shop. From this screen, you’ll be able to pReview all the cosmetics that can be customized, with more to lớn come as they are developed for this new feature.


Select a cosmetic that you own & change the color & pattern lớn your heart"s content – even hair color is customizable on head adornments! Once you have sầu your thiết kế made khổng lồ your liking, you’ll be able to lớn finalize the changes with gold and Chromatic Thread that can be found in the Hongmoon Store for 40 NCoin/Hongmoon Coin.

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Tailoring your Cosmetics

A cosmetic will require an unlocking fee of Chromatic Thread in order for it lớn become a Custom garment. Costumes will require 10 Chromatic Threads và adornments will require 3 Chromatic Threads. Once the cosmetic has become Custom, the costume symbol will illuminate, indicating that it’s ready lớn be designed. This process can occur prior to designing your new look by left clicking the vật phẩm và selecting Tailoring or at the end of the thiết kế process.


Keep in mind that once a cosmetic has been altered inkhổng lồ a custom piece, it can no longer be traded, regardless of its properties before customization. If later down the road you’d like to change the look again, you’ll only have sầu to pay the fee of 1 gold và 1 Chromatic Thread for each section changed; & if you’d like to have sầu the original outfit bachồng, you can revert it baông chồng for 20 gold.

Fashionistas Around the Earthen Realm


If you’d lượt thích lớn try out the new system but don’t have sầu the cosmetic you want, don’t worry! The clothing merchants located throughout the Earthen Realm will be able lớn assist you. They have sầu a selection of some of the customizable clothing in their wares to lớn trade with for Chromatic Thread – including the snuggly Dreamland mix.