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SopCast is a great way lớn watch your favorite programs using a VLC media player. The great thing is that SopCast is free. SopCast allows you to watch or listen lớn videos or audio over the internet. You can use the VLC media player as the tool to lớn watch the video.

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Note: Both không tính phí ways lớn watch SopCast with VLC on Windows/Mac are a little complicated and time-consuming. Your patience is appreciated here. As an alternative, you can refer to the powerful & effective software below, which not only plays any video clip file with the built-in player but provides a one-stop video solution as well. It also provides solutions to lớn fix the problem that some audio and clip formats cannot be played on special devices, such as play AVCHD videos on iPad, play MKV on táo khuyết TV, etc.


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Part 1. Watching SopCast on Windows

Step 1 xuất hiện SopCast và log on to the service. After the program opens into the main window, you will have lớn choose the external player where you can find the option of VLC player và just select it. SopCast và log on khổng lồ the service. You may have lớn browse through your computer to lớn find the VLC player. Just except by clicking ok.


Step 2 Exit SopCast & launch it again. Log in & then open the channel you want khổng lồ watch from the danh sách of websites.

Step 3 Now launch the VLC separately. Go to truyền thông and then to mở cửa the network. You can always use khổng lồ show more options if you want to control the bandwidth. Phối the SopCast as the streaming address.


Part 2. Playing SopCast on Mac

Mac may not allow the installation of SopCast directly. In order to run SopCast, you require to install the Wine app. This is because SopCast runs on .exe files while Mac can only tư vấn .dmg files that are the mặc định extension for files on Mac.

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Wine app allows Windows software lớn run on your Mac by translating these .exe files into .dmg files that your Mac can recognize. Install SopCast-using wine on your Mac. More importantly, make sure you have a VLC player on your system. Now use the following steps to set the SopCast on VLC.

Step 1 The first thing you will have to do is to get a SopCast account. You can always have a không tính tiền account but remember that you will have khổng lồ log in every time to launch it. There are both miễn phí and paid services. Once the program opens to lớn the main screen, click the options button, and go to lớn choose an external player. You will have khổng lồ browse through your system for the executable file of VLC, which is usually under Utilities. Once you have selected VLC, accept the changes.


Step 2 Exit SopCast and open it again. Log in again và then open a channel khổng lồ watch from the danh mục with address “sop://”address.

Step 3 Now, launch the VLC player và make sure both programs are open. The important thing is to make sure you lưu ý the address of the SopCast address bar. You can always use the bar lớn watch the new channel by merely entering the address.

Step 4 On VLC, go lớn the tệp tin menu and then click on the mở cửa network. You can paste this links directly to lớn start streaming the video.