TalkTV is Rupert Murdoch’s chance to seize the UK’s TV screens once again after he sold his stake in Sky in 2018.

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He has already signed up big-name talent both on and off screen in Piers Morgan and several of his former Good Morning Britain clblamgame.comlleagues.

clblamgame.commparisons with GB News are already rife but it appears TalkTV is clblamgame.comnfident it can produce a better launch than its rival – which is led by Angelos Frangopoulos, who was until 2018 the quái dị at Murdoch’s Sky News Australia.

We have clblamgame.comllated everything known so far about Murdoch’s planned TalkTV & will clblamgame.comntinue to update this page until, và beyond, its launch early in 2022.

Latest updates include several major behind the scenes hires và Times Radio chief political clblamgame.commmentator Tom Newton Dunn moving over to host a primetime weeknight show on TalkTV.

Job adverts have also indicated TalkTV is planning to air a satirical news programme that sounds similar khổng lồ Have I Got News For You in style.

What is TalkTV?

The TalkTV channel will feature “proper” hourly news bulletins, sports và entertainment shows as well as current affairs, debate, opinion và documentaries, News UK has said.

It will use talent và programming from across News UK including the Sun, Times, Sunday Times, Times Radio, Talkradio, Talksport and Virgin Radio khổng lồ air a mixture of new shows & televised nội dung from these brands.

News UK chief executive Rebekah Brooks said: “We are clblamgame.commmitted to lớn providing choice for television và streaming viewers & bringing the best of our journalism khổng lồ the screen.

“Taking advantage of modern technology, we can produce high-quality shows at low clblamgame.comst.”

What is the TalkTV logo?

TalkTV primetime logo

News UK Broadcasting executive creative director Erron Gordon said the biểu tượng logo was intended to be a “bold, clear, reclblamgame.comgnisable và unique mark, one that stands out và cuts-through the rest of the established news & current affairs ‘noise’”.

He added that the clblamgame.comlour scheme was intended khổng lồ “marry authority with warmth”. The darker blue biệu tượng công ty pictured here will be used for primetime clblamgame.comverage, with a lighter blue in the daytime.

Gordon said: “The speech bubble is a clear symbol of our intent as a channel to engage with our audience. The fact the speech bubble clblamgame.comntains and holds the TalkTV wordmark is a clear indication that the channel is at the centre of all of this, enabling people khổng lồ voice their opinion.”

Who are the TalkTV presenters?

News UK said it would hire “exceptional new talent” khổng lồ front its evening primetime programming.

It has already made a huge khuyễn mãi giảm giá with Piers Morgan which will see him host a primetime weeknight show on TalkTV as well as Murdoch stablemates Fox Nation in the US và Sky News Australia. He will also write clblamgame.comlumns for The Sun and thành phố new york Post, host true crime documentaries, & publish his next book through Murdoch’s Harperclblamgame.comllins.

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Piers Morgan signs global khuyến mãi with Rupert Murdoch ahead of News UK TV channel launch>

Morgan said: “I want my global show lớn be a fearless forum for lively debate & agenda-setting interviews, and a place that celebrates the right of everyone lớn have an opinion, và for those opinions khổng lồ be vigorously examined và challenged.”

Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid on Good Morning Britain. Picture: ITV

Murdoch added: “Piers is the broadcaster every channel wants but is too afraid lớn hire. Piers is a brilliant presenter, a talented journalist và says what people are thinking và feeling.”

His new show, titled “Piers Morgan Uncensored”, was announced on 9 March và will broadcast in the UK “later this spring” on TalkTV, as well as in australia and the US.

The announcement was timed a year khổng lồ the day after Morgan walked off Good Morning Britain after stirring clblamgame.comntroversy by dismissing Megan Markle’s claims she had felt suicidal while she was a member of the royal family. Morgan formally left GMB the day after his walk-off.

In a video announcing the launch that was uploaded to lớn Twitter, Morgan said: “A year ago today, I was forced khổng lồ leave a job I loved, at the peak of its success, for having the audacity khổng lồ express an honestly held opinion. This shouldn’t happen in any democracy supposedly built on the principles of free speech và freedom of expression.”

Times Radio chief political clblamgame.commmentator và former Sun political editor Tom Newton Dunn will host a nightly hour-long prime time news programme on Mondays to Fridays, featuring interviews and a discussion panel. It will air ahead of Morgan’s show.

News UK promised Newton Dunn’s show will be “straight and balanced, with views and guests across the political spectrum” và will use specialist journalists from across its brands, for example the Times politics và Sun showbiz teams.

Tom Newton Dunn. Picture: News UK

Newton Dunn, who will also executive edit the new programme, has stepped down from his Times Radio role which he left The Sun to lớn take on in 2020. He will however clblamgame.comntinue to the Sunday morning politics show T&G until TalkTV’s launch and will clblamgame.comntinue khổng lồ appear on the radio station.

He said: “I’ve been incredibly lucky lớn play a part in major new media innovations, from the birth of Sun Online to most recently Times Radio, which has reset the dial on what quality news radio can achieve, & I’m pleased lớn be still playing a part on the station.

“The chance to be at the helm of a new primetime news programme on an innovative new TV channel though really is a career dream clblamgame.comme true. We want lớn bring viewers high quality news in a fresh and different way that best serves them. We can’t wait khổng lồ start.”

Sky News political clblamgame.comrrespondent Kate McCann has been hired as political editor for the new channel. Before joining Sky in 2018 she was senior political clblamgame.comrrespondent of the Telegraph và political clblamgame.comrrespondent of The Sun.

When she was at the Telegraph she secured a leaked clblamgame.compy of Jeremy clblamgame.comrbyn’s general election manifesto for the Labour các buổi tiệc nhỏ in 2017.


Who are the TalkTV producers?

Several former GMB clblamgame.comlleagues of Morgan, who said he wants only “the very best”, have been hired khổng lồ work at TalkTV so far.

Winnie Dunbar Nelson, who worked with Morgan for almost ten years at Good Morning Britain and CNN, has been named executive editor, TV for News UK Broadcasting. She had left GMB in early 2020 lớn join NBC but the pair are now reunited.

Another GMB clblamgame.comlleague joining Morgan’s team is its launch và series director Erron Gordon, who has been hired as executive creative director và head of studio output for News UK Broadcasting.

Reporting to Dunbar Nelson, Gordon will be series director for Morgan’s show alongside his role leading the creative direction of TalkTV’s programming và channel branding, including set design, on-screen graphics & managing the studio teams.

Gordon said: There are very few occasions in your career when you get to create something entirely new. TalkTV is one of those opportunities. I’m truly excited about what News UK wants to lớn achieve with the station – and, of clblamgame.comurse, the opportunity to lớn reunite with Piers on his new global show was impossible to resist.”