To use for PC, you need to register an e-mail address on the điện thoại version of See this article for the steps khổng lồ register an thư điện tử address.

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Once you"ve downloaded for PC, try logging in using the thư điện tử address và password you registered on the điện thoại version of
If you make too many failed attempts at using your smartphone"s unlock method, you will be locked out from using it. Khổng lồ remove a lock on your smartphone"s unlock method, follow the steps below for your device.
If cảm ứng ID or Face ID are locked, you"ll be prompted khổng lồ enter your passcode when logging in. Enter your passcode and log in again with cảm ứng ID or Face ID.
If there is a lock on your biometric authentication method (e.g. Fingerprint, eye, face), you can remove it with the sạc code or unlock pattern you mix on your smartphone.
Important:Be sure khổng lồ use the passcode configured on your smartphone, which is not the same as the passcode lock for
You can log in to more securely by using your own device unlock method that you"ve set up on your smartphone.
Using your điện thoại cảm ứng thông minh unlock method khổng lồ log in is more secure because you are the only person who can use it. The device unlock methods that are available depend on your OS, và include facial and fingerprint recognition.
If you"d lượt thích to make a business partnership or service proposal, please refer lớn Partners.
For information on business-oriented services, such as official accounts (for companies/corporations), product advertising, & sales promotion, please see for Business.
2. In the tìm kiếm field at the đứng top of the screen, enter the name of the settings you want to tìm kiếm for.
When you enter one letter in the tìm kiếm field, all of the settings that include it in their name will appear. (For example, you can enter the letter "M" to lớn bring up the My Stickers settings.
The settings that you tap are automatically saved, and you can bring them up again just by tapping the search field.
If you don"t want your tìm kiếm history to lớn be saved automatically, tapDisable search auto-saveunder Recent searches >OK.
You can also delete the settings you"ve searched for and accessed by tapping the "X" icon next to each setting orClear all.
You can kiểm tra what devices (PC và iPads) are logged in to lớn your account và services by following the steps below.
Note: With the điện thoại cảm ứng version of, the same trương mục cannot be used on multiple devices. See here for details.
From the Devices screen, you can see the name of the device logged into your account & how long it’s been logged in.
Tap Log out for any device you don’t want khổng lồ be logged in to. If you tap Log out from all services, all devices logged into services will be logged out.
- If you see names of devices you don’t remember logging in to, log out from them and then change your password. See this article for details.

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This feature recognizes words in photos & converts them into text, which can then be copied, translated, & sent in chats.
1. Tap the QR code icon on the right side of the tìm kiếm bar at the top of the Home, Chats, or News tab.
The QR code reader can scan QR codes for và a variety of other QR code types. To lớn use this feature, follow the steps below.
After you"ve used Text scan khổng lồ convert text from a photo, see below for details about how to copy/translate it.
• lớn copy translated text, tapCopy. You can paste copied text anywhere you like, or tapShareto paste it in a chat text box, on VOOM, or in Keep.

To disable logins to lớn for PC và iPad, follow the steps below on your smartphone.

1. Tap theHometab >Settings>Account.

2. TurnAllow login OFF.

Taphereto go lớn the Allow login setting on your smartphone.

Required settings for logging in khổng lồ for ipad tablet or PC with your smartphone's unlock methodtoggle
To be able to lớn log in to lớn your account on an máy tính bảng ipad or PC using your smartphone"s unlock method, you need to:
You"ll know setup is complete when you see Unlink in the field for Face ID/Touch ID or your smartphone"s unlock method.
Using your smartphone unlock method to log in is more secure because you are the only person who can use it.
You can increase your tài khoản security even more by not allowing logins with an thư điện tử address & password. Khổng lồ only allow your account to be logged in to with your smartphone"s unlock method or a QR code, tap the Hometab > Settings > Account & turn Log in with password OFF.
Note: Turning Log in with password OFF will not log you out of any devices you"re already logged in to.
When you disable your smartphone"s unlock method for logging in lớn, you"ll be logged out of your tài khoản on iPad and PC. To use your account on an ipad or PC again, log in with your thư điện tử address & password or with a QR code.
Note: To log in to your tài khoản using an thư điện tử address và password, mở cửa on your smartphone, tap the Hometab > Settings > Account and turn Log in with passwordON.
This screen appears when you have logins with your smartphone"s unlock method enabled and you log in to your trương mục from an ipad tablet or PC.
6. Enter the six-digit verification code that appears on for máy tính bảng ipad or for PC into your smartphone.
"Login successful!" will appear when you"re logged in. The official trương mục will also send a login notification message khổng lồ you in the smartphone version of
For information on how lớn set up so you can use your smartphone"s unlock method for logging in, see this article.
- Services appear on the trang chủ tab in the order that they were pinned, and you cannot reorder them later.