Free Fire has updated version OB19, the latest version today with a lot of new updates for players. Especially in this version of Garena miễn phí Fire at đá quí Wheel, players have the opportunity to lớn own a very beautiful Galaxy Secret skin.

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Garena free Fire is gradually making its mark when constantly having quality updates khổng lồ help the number of players increase và improve. In the latest version of Garena miễn phí Fire, new characters and skins are constantly updated to lớn players. & the highly-anticipated skin of the Galactic Secret Service has also appeared.


Extremely beautiful skin is expected in Garena free Fire.

Currently, free Fire has versions for Android, IOS và PC, you can tải về the appropriate version below:

– tải về Free Fire for Android.– download Free Fire for iPhone.– download Free Fire for PC.

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What’s hot about Galactic Secret Service Garena không tính phí Fire

How lớn get Galactic Secret Service Garena miễn phí Fire Skin

Galactic Secret Skin will appear in the lucky spin of Garena không tính phí Fire.


With 60 Diamonds per spin, players will have the opportunity lớn own the Galaxy Secret Skin, each time they fail lớn spin successfully, players will accumulate lucky points to lớn increase their chances of owning this beautiful Skin. How much the player owns the Galaxy Secret Service depends entirely on his dignity.

Galaxy Secret Service skin images

Here are the images of the Galaxy Secret Service skin compiled:





* Galaxy Secret Skin is an extremely beautiful skin brought to lớn players by Garena free Fire. Each new update of Garena free Fire brings a lot of new features, especially the Infinity card feature, players can find out. What is Garena free Fire Infinity Card? here.