Alleged victim's dad said suspect held his daughter at gunpoint và made her drive hlặng 33 hours lớn Milwaukee where she convinced hlặng to lớn surrender.

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Oregon triple-murder suspect forces woman to lớn drive sầu hyên khổng lồ Wisconsin, surrenders khổng lồ police

June 22, 202100:46
It only took Oen Evan Nicholson minutes to kill two people in a coastal đô thị in Oregon on Friday morning, authorities said.

Although police in the small community of North Bend weren’t far behind him, the next time they heard about Nicholson’s definitive whereabouts was 48 hours later, police said during public statements this week.

The triple-homicide suspect — whose alleged victims included his father — had quietly turned himself in on Sunday to police in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a thành phố more than 2,000 miles away.

After Nicholson killed three people in Oregon, police there said, the 30-year-old forced a woman to drive hlặng lớn the Midwestern state và then lived khổng lồ tell about it.

“There is always a sigh of relief when your suspect is in custody,” North Bend Police Chief Robert Kappelman said Sunday during a news conference.

Police in Springfield, Oregon, a đô thị about 110 miles northeast of North Bend, said Nicholson had approached Laura Johnson on Friday during her lunch break in her work’s parking lot và forced her to lớn take him lớn Wisconsin at the tail kết thúc of his lawless spree.

Nicholson forced Laura to drive hyên ổn north, Springfield police said. They continued all the way to Milwaukee, where Nicholson was arrested without incident. Laura is safe và unharmed and on her way baông chồng khổng lồ Oregon, police said.

Formal charges for this case are pending. Nicholson is being held in Wisconsin on fugitive sầu warrants from Oregon, police said.

KEZI in Eugene, Oregon, reported that Johnson’s father, Dennis Johnson, said his daughter was abducted at gunpoint and drove Nicholson more than 30 hours, managing to get in his ear during the long and harrowing oto ride.

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"She was able khổng lồ talk hyên into lớn turning himself in," Johnson told KEZI.

Laura Johnson, 34, declined bình luận Tuesday. Police in Oregon and Milwaukee did not respond to lớn requests for bình luận.

Coos County District Attorney Paul Frasier said during public statements Friday that authorities began receiving 911 calls shortly before 10 a.m. about an elderly couple that was run over by pickup at the RV campground of The Mill Casino.

While behind the wheel of his father’s 2019 Dodge pickup, Nicholson, Frasier said, struông chồng a married couple from Florida — Anthony Oyster, 74, who was killed, and Lindomain authority Oyster, 73, who was critically injured. Oyster’s condition Tuesday was unknown.

Only minutes later, Frasier said, Nicholson was at a marijuana dispensary about a mile north of the RV campground and authorities were fielding calls of a shooting. Jennifer L. Davidson, 47, was killed in the shooting, Frasier said.

Nicholson is also suspected in his father’s slaying. Charles Simms Nicholson, 83, was found dead in a trailer on the grounds of the RV’s campground, Frasier said.

Nicholson has been charged with first-degree murder, first-degree assault & failing to help an injured person during a traffic accident.

Frasier said Nicholson is believed lớn have sầu ditched his father’s pickup after the shooting at the dispensary. Authorities found the truchồng on a highway between the đô thị of Eugen và Florence, Frasier said.

“It was found crashed và had been mix on fire,” Frasier said. “We have a witness that indicates that the person driving this pickup truck got out of the truông chồng, appeared to be armed with a handgun, và then disappeared or ran inlớn the woods or the brush nearby.”

Frasier said Sunday that authorities will attempt lớn quickly extradite Nicholson lớn Oregon. Nicholson was believed khổng lồ have lived in North Bend since October, Frasier said.

North Bend Mayor Jessica Engelke said this week that Nicholson’s alleged violent rampage was tragic and difficult lớn fathom.

“Words fall short of describing the tragedy that took place on Friday and ensuing events,” Engelke said. “We are all left incredibly shaken. This is something that you hope never happens in your community, in the town that you hotline trang chủ.”