Does your phone have a virus? Can iPhones even get viruses? Discover how to scan và remove sản phẩm điện thoại malware from your app android or iPhone, get rid of malicious apps, và banish annoying pop-ups. Learn about the biggest risks to your phone and install our không tính tiền anti-malware mobile ứng dụng to start defending yourself from threats today.

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How vì chưng you know if your phone has a virus? It doesn’t — there’s no such thing as viruses on game android or iPhone viruses. But phones can definitely get other forms of malware. If your phone is showing the typical symptoms of a malware infection, learn lớn get rid of malware manually or use a virus removal tool — or an anti-malware scanner — to lớn clean it up automatically.

Read on for game android virus removal tips, or skip down to lớn learn how to lớn remove an iPhone virus. Then, find out how lớn use a malware cleaner lớn remove malicious apps và run a phone vi khuẩn scan. If you’re dealing with a virut or malware on your PC or Mac, don’t miss our expert guide khổng lồ removing malware from your computer.

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How khổng lồ remove a virut from an android phone

Clear your cache and downloads.

Open your Settings, go lớn Apps và notifications, và select Chrome. In the Storage & cache menu, follow the steps khổng lồ clear your cache và storage.


Restart your apk device in safe mode.

Press & hold the power button, then choose lớn restart your phone in safe mode. You’ll see Safe Mode in the corner of your screen after your phone reboots.


Find and remove malicious apps.

Open your Settings and tap Apps và notifications. Then tap See all apps. On the next screen, select Installed apps in the drop-down menu. đánh giá your installed apps and look for any that are suspicious or unfamiliar, then uninstall them. Restart your phone when you’re done.


Activate Google Play Protect.

The Play Protect feature in the Google Play Store monitors your apps for unusual behavior that can indicate the presence of android malware. Open the Play Store app, tap your icon or avatar on the đứng đầu right, và activate Play Protect in the menu.


The infographic below shows the steps you need to take to clear malware from your phone.


Last resort: wipe your Android

If the steps above don’t work, try resetting your phone to its factory default settings. But this is a last resort — so before resetting your phone, try using an app android virus removal phầm mềm instead. Otherwise, here’s how lớn factory reset your Android:

Reset your phone.

Open up your Settings, select System, then tap Reset options. Choose Erase all data (factory reset) và then tap Erase all data. Confirm via the pop-up và restart your phone.

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Restore your phone.

If you have a backup available, you can restore your phone to lớn get your data back. You need khổng lồ restore from a backup from before your phone started acting strangely, otherwise you risk installing the app android malware again.

How khổng lồ remove a virut from an iPhone

A lot of apparent iPhone malware is actually caused by hackers manipulating your browser. So clearing your browsing history and data should resolve iPhone virus issues. If not, try restarting your phone, updating iOS, restoring your phone to a previous backup, or performing a factory reset.

Check out our infographic for the steps you need khổng lồ take to lớn remove iPhone malware, or skip down to see the steps explained in more detail.


If you think your iPhone has a virus, here are a few ways khổng lồ fix it:

Clear browsing history and data.

Go to lớn Settings and scroll down lớn the Safari tab. Then tap Clear History and Website Data.

Repeat this process for any other browsers you use.


Restart your phone.

Hold the power button, turn your phone off, then turn it back on.


Update iOS.

Go to lớn Settings > General > Software Update. If you see a software update, install it.

Restore your iPhone to a previous backup.

Go to lớn Settings > General > Reset, then choose Erase All nội dung and Settings. Follow the prompts lớn restore your iPhone from a backup. Choose a backup you created from before your phone began acting strangely.


Factory-reset your iPhone

If your iPhone is still acting up, go lớn Settings > General > Reset, then choose Erase All content and Settings. Choose khổng lồ reset your phone, rather than restore from a previous iCloud backup.

It’s easy khổng lồ secure your Wi-Fi and protect your personal files with điện thoại Security.

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