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Related Exhibitions 78



April 28, 2007—April 20, 2008 Arthur M. Sackler Museum

With this reinstallation, the Arthur M. Sackler Museum closed two galleries of Asian art, the first publicly visible step in the Harvard Art Museum’s renovation project. The remaining second-floor Asian...

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Nam June Paik: Screen Play

June 30, 2018—August 5, 2018 Special Exhibitions Gallery, Harvard Art Museums

Nam June Paik: Screen Play presents a group of works by groundbreaking global artist phái nam June Paik (1932–2006). Paik was born in Korea but spent much of his life in...


Re-View: S228-230 (Asian rotation: 7) Art of the Fan: China, Korea, Japan

November 18, 2011—May 5, 2012 clblamgame.com/ARTHURM.SACKLE

The fan hâm mộ evolved in East Asia from a functional cooling device to a symbol of high status & an art size in its own right. China’s circular fans had been...



November 11, 2006—February 25, 2007 Fogg Art Museum, Harvard University Art Museums

Prints are an ideal medium for oppositional expression. Because creating prints is inexpensive và expeditious, thousands of lượt thích images can be made promptly in response to an event or action....

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Gods in Color: Painted Sculpture of Classical Antiquity

September 22, 2007—January 20, 2008 Arthur M. Sackler Museum, Harvard University Art Museums

Imagine a stroll through ancient Athens among colorful statues & brightly decorated temples—in contrast with the colorless stone ruins that survive today. This exhibition presents full-size copies of Greek and...


Kara Walker: "Harper"s Pictorial History of the Civil War (Annotated)"

October 6, 2007—November 11, 2007 Fogg Art Museum

To commemorate Drew Gilpin Faust’s inauguration as the first woman president of Harvard University, the Art Museums present Kara Walker’s provocative 2005 series Harper’s Pictorial History of the Civil War...

Adorning the Inner Court: Jun Ware for the Chinese Palace

May 20, 2017—August 13, 2017 University Teaching Gallery, Harvard Art Museums

The Harvard Art Museums hold the largest & finest collection in the West of a rare and strikingly beautiful type of ceramic ware used in the private quarters of the...

Fernando Bryce: The Book of Needs

January 20, 2018—May 6, 2018 University Research Gallery, Harvard Art Museums

The Harvard Art Museums present Fernando Bryce’s The Book of Needs, a multipart work comprised of 81 ink-on-paper drawings. Bryce, who was born in Peru but has lived extensively...

Classification (not assigned) Accessories (non-art) Albums Amulets Architectural Elements Archival Material Armor Artists" Materials Artists" Tools Audiovisual Works Books Boxes Brick Stamps Calligraphy Cameos Coins Documents Drawings Fragments Frames Furnishings Furniture Gems Graphic kiến thiết Inscriptions Jewelry Labels Lighting Devices Manuscripts Material Specimens Measuring Devices Medals và Medallions Mirrors Models Mosaics Multiples Musical Instruments Paintings Paintings with Calligraphy Paintings with Text Performance Artifacts Photographs Plaques Portfolios Prints Recreational Artifacts Riding Equipment Ritual Implements Rubbings Sculpture Seals Stained Glass Straus Materials Tablets Text Textile Arts Timepieces Tokens Tools and Equipment Unidentified Vessels Weapons và Ammunition Work Type Imperial photograph accessory accordion-fold book acrylic advertisement adze album album cover album folio album leaf album page altered readymade ammunition amulet anatomical mã sản phẩm architectural drawing architectural element architectural fragment archival collection archival material armor arrowhead arrows artist"s book artist"s equipment artist"s tool artists" material astrolabe attachment audio cassette audio recording audiotape audiovisual equipment audiovisual work axe banner baren barometer bed bell bench bit bodkin bone book book cover book page bookcase bottle ticket bow bow puller box box cover bracelet bracket brick stamp bridle bridle component brochure brush brush handle brush holder brush stand buckle bullet bulloterion burnisher business announcement bust cabinet cabinet photograph cake vps calendar calligraphy cameo camera candle snuffer canteen case card case thẻ catalog carte-de-visite cassolette cast catalog cation exchange cellulose derivative celt censer certificate chair chaise longue chape chart cheekpiece chest chisel chou oinochoe cigarette thẻ clay clayworking tool clipping clock clock part coin comb compact disk contact print contact sheet contact strip container copy negative corkscrew correspondence costume cover cupboard cymbal dagger dagger-axe desk diagram diary digital video clip disk disk disk-axe display board documentary doll drawing drawing series dresser drier drum earring enlarged proof sheet ephemera epinetron experimental sample fan fetish fibula figure figurine film film reel filmstrip finial fireset flier foot fork form fragment fragments frame funerary sculpture fungicide funnel furniture fusuma trò chơi game piece gem glove stretcher graph graphic thiết kế graphite pencil grater gravel graver greeting thẻ guard handgun handle handscroll hanging scroll hardware harness head headrest holder hook horse trapping human remains icon illumination imperial card implement impression ink ink block ink stick inkstand inkstone inkwell inscription installation-slide projection installations instrument invitation jewelry key knife ladle leg legislative proposal lighting device liner lithographic stone lock loom weight mace mallet manuscript manuscript cover manuscript folio manuscript page maps mask material specimen medal medallion medical instrument mirror mirror case mirror cover mirror fragment mirror handle mixture mold mosaic motion picture multiple mummy label mural painting musical instrument nail natural history specimen neck amphora necklace needle negative newsletter object oil oil paint ornament paint paint box paint tube painting painting with calligraphy painting with text palette palette knife pamphlet panel paperweight pedestal pen pen box pen rest pen tray pencil pendant performance artifact pestle phonograph record photograph photograph series photomontage picture pigment pin pipe plan plant gum plaque plaque, ritual plug portfolio postcard poster pot prayer beads prayer wheel priming flask print print series printing block printing plate printing tools prism program proof print protein publication punch puppet quill pen raw material razor realia reed pen relief reliquary report reproductive print resin, natural resin, synthetic riding equipment rimmonim ring ritual implement rivet rubbing rug rule saddle sampler sander scabbard scale scepter scissors scoop scrapbook scraper screen sculpture seal sherd shovel shuttle sideboard sketchbook sketchbook page skewer slab slide sofa solvent sound installations spatula spear spear foot spearhead spindle spindle whorl spool spoon staff stained glass stamp stand standard stands statue statuette stencil stereoscopic photograph stirrup stool stopper strainer strigil stylus tư vấn support sample surfactant surimono sword sword guard table tablet tapestry technique sample tempera paint tessera text text with illumination text, painting and illumination textile thread-bound book ticket tintype token tomb model tongs tool tool/equipment toy transparency trumpet tube tweezer typography unidentified implement unidentified nhà cửa unidentified utensil unknown vajra vessel video clip recording videotape walking stick wall painting fragment(s) wall scroll wallpaper watch water dropper watercolor paint wax weapon weapon part weight whetstone whorl wick trimmer x-radiograph Medium/Technique trăng tròn x 24 Polaroid print 3.5 x 4.5 Polaroid print 8 x 10 Polaroid print ABS ABS plastic ABS plastics acetal resin acetal resins acetals acetate butyrate, cellulose acetate copolymer, ethylene-vinyl acetate fibres acetate, cellulose acetate, ethylene vinyl acetate, ethylene-vinyl acetate, polyvinyl acetyl celluloses acrylate resin acrylic (resin) Acrylic paint acrylic plastic acrylic resin acrylic resins acrylics acrylique Acryloid Acryloid (TM) Acryloid resin (TM) acryloid resins acrylonitrile butadiene styrene acrylonitrile butadiene-styrene acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene actinolite acétal acétate de cellulose AE agate alabaster Albumen silver print alkyd (resin) alkyd paint alkyd plastic alkyd resins aluminum Amber Ambrotype amethyst Appliqué aquamarine Aquatint Aquatint & drypoint Aquatint và lithograph Aquatint and mezzotint Aquatint & roulette Aquatint và softground etching Aquatint và stipple engraving AR AR? arsenical bronze arsenical copper aspron Assemblage Autochrome AV ball-point ink bamboo Barbotine basalt Basaltes ware Baxter process Bi billon birch biscuit bistre Bizen black and red chalk black and white chalk black chalk đen crayon đen glaze đen ink black, red và white chalk Black-brown glaze Black-figure xanh ink Blue-and-white ware Blueprint bole (clay) Bone boxwood brass Brocade Bromoil print bronze bronze powder paint brown chalk brown ink brown wash Brushwork Burnished butyral, polyvinyl butyrate, cellulose acetate butyrates CA CAB camphorwood Carbon paper transfer Carbon print Carborundum print Cardboard carnelian Carved casein paint Cast Cast và hammered Cast, lost-wax process Cast, sand Celadon cellulose acetate cellulose acetate butyrate cellulose acetate fibres cellulose acetate propionate cellulose acetates cellulose nitrate Cellulose nitrates cement Ceramic Cerograph chalcedony Chalk Champlevé Charcoal chardonnet Chased cherry chert Chiaroscuro woodcut chloride, polyvinyl chlorite chloroprene rubber Chocolate Chromogenic print Chromolithograph Cibachrome (TM) citrine Clay Clay, unfired Cliché-verre Cloisonné công nhân Collage Collagraph Collodion process Collotype Collotype và stencil Collotype, stencil and cutout colored chalk colored crayon colored ink Colored pencil colored wash Composition (material) Compound weave Conté crayon copolymer, acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymer, ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer, EVA copolymer, vinyl copper copper alloy copper-antimony-arsenic alloy copper-iron alloy copper-lead-arsenic alloy copper-silver alloy copper-tin-antimony alloy copper-tin-antimony-arsenic alloy copperpoint Core-formed glass cotton Counterproof Crayon Crayon manner print Cuerda seca Cut Cutout Cyanotype cypress Daguerreotype Dammar Diazotype Die cut Digital image diorite distemper (water-base paint) dolomite dragon"s blood (resin) Drypoint Drypoint and aquatint Drypoint, softground etching & aquatint Duogravure Duotone offset photolithograph Dye destruction print Dye diffusion transfer print Dye transfer print Earth earthenware egg tempera EL EL? Electrophotograph Electroplated Electrotype electrum Embossed Embroidery emulsion paint Enamel Enamelled encaustic paint Engraved Engraving Engraving and aquatint Engraving và drypoint Engraving và etching Engraving và letterpress Engraving & softground etching Engraving và stipple engraving epoxy epoxy resins Etching Etching & aquatint Etching & chiaroscuro woodcut Etching and drypoint Etching & engraving Etching và lithograph Etching and mezzotint Etching và photoetching Etching và roulette Etching & softground etching Etching và stipple Etching & stipple engraving Etching and woodcut Etching, aquatint & lithograph Etching, aquatint and photoetching Etching, aquatint & roulette Etching, drypoint và aquatint Etching, engraving và drypoint Etching, softground etching & aquatint Etching, softground etching và drypoint Etching, stipple engraving and roulette ethylene vinyl acetate ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer ethylene-vinyl acetate resin ethylene/vinyl acetate EVA EVA copolymer EVAC faience Fat Felt fiber-tip ink Fiberglass Filigree Film Flocking formaldehyde, melamine formaldehyde, urea Formica (TM) Free-blown glass Fresco painting Fresson print fritware fruitwood garnet Gel-lithograph Gelatin dry plate (glass) Gelatin silver print gesso Gilding Gillotage gilt bronze gilt silver Glass glass paste Glazed Glazed-monochrome Glypotograph goat hair gold gold and silver pigments gold leaf gold pigment gold plate Gouache đá hoa cương Graphite gray wash Grisaille Gum bichromate print Gum dichromate print Gypsograph Hair Halftone print Hammered Handmade Hectograph Heliogravure Heliotype hematite hemp high-tin bronze Holograph Horn Ikat Ilfachrome Illuminated Impressed Incised India ink Ink Ink and màu sắc Ink & gold Ink & light màu sắc Ink and mica Ink & opaque watercolor Ink và silver Ink jet digital print Ink, màu sắc and gold Ink, màu sắc and metallic pigment Ink, color and mica Ink, màu sắc and silver Ink, color, gold & Ink, color, gold và silver Ink, gold và silver Ink, light màu sắc and gold Ink, light color and metallic pigment Ink, light màu sắc and mica Ink, opaque watercolor and gold Ink, opaque watercolor và silver Ink, opaque watercolor, gold & silver Inkless engraving Inlaid Intaglio Intaglio print Intaglio print & planographic Intaglio print & screen print Iris digital print iron iron-gall ink isoprene Ivory jadeite jasper Jasperware Jun Knotted Kuftgari labradorite Lace Lacquer Lacquered Lampas lapis lazuli Laqabi laze print lead Lead glaze leaded arsenical bronze leaded arsenical copper leaded brass leaded bronze leaded copper leaded copper-antimony-arsenic alloy leaded copper-tin-antimony alloy leaf (metal) Leather Letraset Letterpress Letterpress & relief halftone LightJet (TM) limestone linden Line block linen Linocut Linocut và screen print Lithograph Lithograph and screen print Lost-wax process low-tin bronze Lusterware mahogany Maiolica Majolica (industrial) malachite maple marble Marbled Marquetry Matte collodion print mel melamine formaldehyde melamine formaldehyde resin melamine resin Metal Metal cut metallic fiber Metalpoint Mezzotint Mimeograph Mina’i mixed copper alloy mixed fibers Mixed truyền thông media Mixed technique Mold-blown glass Mold-made Molded Monoprint Monotype Mosaic glass Multiple drawing truyền thông Multiple media natural rubber, synthetic Nature print Needlepoint Negative photostat print Negative print Negative Vandyke print Negative, màu sắc Negative, gelatin dry plate (glass) Negative, gelatin silver (35mm film) Negative, gelatin silver (film) Negative, gelatin silver (paper) Negative, glass plate Negative, mixed technique Neon neoprene nephrite nickel Niello nitrate nitrate, cellulose nitrocellulose nitrocelluloses nitrocotton nylon 6 oak obsidian Offset print Oil Oil gilding Oil pastel oil kích cỡ onyx opal Opaque watercolor Opaque watercolor & gold Opaque watercolor và silver Opaque watercolor, gold & silver Ormolu Overglaze enamel Overglazed paint Painted Paintstick Palladium print Paper Paper pulp Papier-mâché Parchment Pastel Pastel manner Pb PE pear Pencil Perlon (TM) pewter PH phenol formaldehyde phenol-formaldehyde resin phenolic resin phenolic resins Photo offset lithograph Photocopy Photoengraving Photoetching Photoetching, aquatint and embossing Photogram Photograph Photographic reproduction Photogravure Photogravure và drypoint Photogravure & etching Photolithograph photolithograph và screen print Photolithograph, collagraph, và chine collée Photomechanical print Photoscreenprint Physionotrace Pierced Pigment Pigment print Pile weave pine plant fiber Plaster plastic plastic, ABS plastic, acrylic plastic, alkyd Plastics Platinum print plywood PMMA Pochoir Polacolor ER Polaroid transfer print poly(acrylonitrile-co-butadiene-co-styrene) poly(acrylonitrile-co-styrene) poly(butyl acrylate) poly(butyl methacrylate) poly(ethyl acrylate) poly(ethyl methacrylate-co-methyl acrylate) poly(ethylene terephthalate) poly(ethylene-co-vinyl acetate) poly(methyl methacrylate) poly(styrene-co-butadiene) poly(styrene-co-ethylene-co-polypropylene) poly(vinyl acetate) poly(vinyl butyral) poly(vinyl chloride) poly(vinyl chloride-co-vinyl acetate) poly(vinyl chloride-co-vinylidene chloride) poly(α-methylstyrene-co-butadiene) polycaprolactam polychloroprene Polychromed polydimethylsiloxane polyester polyester (resin) polyester polyurethane polyester resin polyesters polyether polyether polyurethane polyetherimide polyethylene polyethylene resin polyformaldehyde resin polyformaldehydes polyisoprene polyisoprène polymer, vinyl polyoxide polyoxymethylene polypropylene polypropylène polystyrene polystyrène polythene polyurethane polyurethanes polyuréthanne polyvinyl chloride polyvinylacetate polyéthylène poplar porcelain porphyry Positive 4 x 5 transparency Positive photostat print Positive Vandyke print potin PP Pressed printer"s ink propylene resin PS PU-tp Punch"ong purple crayon PVAC PVB PVC pyrophyllite pyroxylins Pâte sur pâte Qingbai quartz quartz crystal quarzite Rattan red và white chalk red bole red chalk red ink Red-figure Redware regenerated cellulose Relief Relief cut Relief etching Relief halftone Relief metal cut Relief print Repoussé Resin resin, acetal resin, acrylate resin, acrylic resin, alkyd resin, epoxy resin, phenol-formaldehyde resin, phenolic resin, polyester resin, polyformaldehyde resin, propylene resin, styrene resin, urea resin, urea-formaldehyde resin, urethane resin, vinyl Resist dyed Reverse painting on glass rhodium rosewood rottenstone Roulette Rubber Rubber stamp Rubber, artificial rubber, chloroprene rubber, synthetic natural Rubbing résine alkyde résine urée-formaldéhyde résine époxyde Salt glaze Salted paper print SAN (styrene-acrylonitrile) sand sandalwood sandstone sard sardonyx Satin satinwood schist Scratchwork Screen print Screen print và collage Screen print & photograph sepia serpentine Seto Sgraffito Shell Shino silicone silicone resin silicone, thermoset silicones silk silver silver birch silver leaf silver pigment silver plate Silver-dye bleach print silverpoint sisal size (material) slate Slide, 35 mm, black and white Slide, 35 mm, màu sắc soapstone Softground etching Softground etching and aquatint Softground etching and aquatint và etching Softground etching and mezzotint Softground etching, aquatint và woodcut Softground etching, mezzotint, và aquatint Spitbite etching Spongotype Spray lacquer stained glass stainless steel Stamped steatite steel Stencil print Stipple Stipple engraving Stipple engraving và etching Stipple engraving và roulette Stone stoneware Struck Stucco styrene resin Styrene-acrylonitrile copolymer SX-70 Polaroid print synthetic fiber Synthetic truyền thông media synthetic natural rubber Tabby (textile) Tape Tapestry teak Tempera Terracotta tert-butylphenol formaldehyde Textile materials thermoset silicone tin Tin glaze Tintype Toner Tortoise shell tourmaline Transfer drawing Transparency tufa turquoise typewriter ribbon ink Typewriting Typewriting và rubber stamp Underglazed Underglazed, painted Underglazed, sgraffiato Unglazed unsaturated polyester urea urea (urea formaldehyde) urea formaldehyde urea resin urea-formaldehyde urea-formaldehyde resin urethane urethane elastomers urethane resin urethanes Varnish Velvet Verifax matrix print Verre églomisé vinyl vinyl acetate, ethylene vinyl copolymer vinyl polymer vinyl polymers vinyl resin vinyl resins walnut Wash Wash manner Water gilding Watercolor Watercolor and gouache Wax Wax resist Wheel-made trắng chalk trắng ground trắng metal white ware White-ground Wire Wood Wood engraving Wood engraving và letterpress Wood engraving và screen print Woodblock print Woodburytype Woodcut Woodcut and letterpress Woodcut & lithography Woodcut & screen print wool Woven Woven with pile Woven, mixed technique Woven, soumak Woven, tapestry weave Woven, twill Woven, weft-faced plain weave Xerograph Ziatype zinc Zincograph Period "Alawid period Abbasid period Achaemenid period Afsharid period Aghlabid period Akkadian period Almohad period Almoravid period Angkor period, 802-1431 Aq Qoyunlu period Archaic period Archaic period to lớn Classical Archaic period to lớn Hellenistic Archaic period, Late, to lớn Early Classical Artuqids of Kayfa & Amid period Artuqids of Mardin period Assyrian Colony period Asuka period, 552-645 Ayudhya period, 1350-1757 Ayutthaya Kingdom, 14th-18th century Ayyubid period British period Bronze Age Bronze Age, Early Bronze Age, Late Bronze Age, Middle Byzantine period Byzantine period, Early Byzantine period, Late Byzantine period, Middle Chalcolithic period Charles I (1625-1649) Charles II (1660-1685) Chosŏn dynasty lớn Modern period Chosŏn dynasty, 1392-1910 Classical period Classical period lớn Hellenistic Classical period, Early Classical period, High Classical period, Late Classical period, Late, to lớn Early Hellenistic Classical period, Late, lớn Hellenistic Cola period, c. 9th-13th centuries Commonwealth & Protectorate (1649-1660) Crusader period Cycladic period Cycladic period, Early Cycladic period, Late Cypro-Archaic period Cypro-Geometric period Dvaravati period, 4th-8th century Early Dynastic III period Early Dynastic period Eastern Han (25-220) khổng lồ Three Kingdoms (220-280) period Eastern Wei (534-550) khổng lồ Northern Qi (550-577) Eastern Wei, 534-550 Edo period, 1615-1868 Edo period, Late to early Meiji period Erlitou culture, c. 1900-1500 BCE Fatimid period First Intermediate Period Five Dynasties period (907-960) to Northern tuy nhiên period (960-1127) Five Dynasties period (907-960) to tuy vậy dynasty (960-1279) Five Dynasties period, 907-960 Geometric period Geometric period lớn Classical Geometric period khổng lồ Orientalizing Geometric period, Early Geometric period, Late Geometric period, Middle George I (1714-1727) George II (1727-1760) George III (1760-1820) George IV (1820-1830) Ghaznavid period Ghurid period Gupta period, c. 320-647 Hafsid period Han dynasty, 206 BCE-220 CE Han dynasty, Eastern Han period, 25-220 CE Han dynasty, Western Han period, 206 BCE-9 CE Heian period, 794-1185 Heian period, Early, 794-898 Heian period, Late, 898-1185 Heisei period, 1989-2019 Helladic period Helladic period, Early Helladic III Helladic period, Late Helladic period, Late Helladic I Helladic period, Late Helladic IIA Helladic period, Late Helladic IIB Helladic period, Late Helladic III Helladic period, Late Helladic IIIA Helladic period, Late Helladic IIIB Helladic period, Late Helladic IIIC Helladic period, Middle Helladic period, Middle Helladic I Helladic period, Middle Helladic II Hellenistic period Hellenistic period to Early Roman Imperial Hellenistic period, Early Hellenistic period, Late Hellenistic period, Late, to Early Roman Imperial Hellenistic period, Middle Hittite Empire period Idrisid period Ilkhanid period Inju period, 1303-1357 Iron Age Iron Age II Iron Age II-III Iron Age III Iron Age IV Islamic period Jalayirid period James II (1685-1688) Jemdet Nasr period Jin (1115-1234) khổng lồ Yuan (1279-1368) dynasty Jin dynasty, 1115-1234 Jin dynasty, 266-420 Jin dynasty, Eastern Jin period, 317-420 Jin dynasty, Western Jin period, 266-317 Jōmon period, Middle, c. 2500-c. 1500 BCE Jōmon period, c. 10,500-c. 400 BCE Kamakura period, 1185-1333 Kamakura period, Late or Nambokuchō Karakota period, c. 7th-9th centuries Khmer Empire, 9th-15th century Kofun period, 250-600 Koryŏ dynasty, 918-1392 Koryŏ to Chosŏn dynasty Kushan period, c.100 BCE-250 CE Late Antique period Late Period Late Period khổng lồ Ptolemaic Late Period to lớn Roman Late Period, Dynasty 25 Late Period, Dynasty 26 Late Period, Dynasty 27 Late Period, Dynasty 30, khổng lồ Ptolemaic Liao (907-1125) khổng lồ Jin (1115-1234) dynasty Liao dynasty, 907-1125 Licchavi (5th-9th century) lớn Thakuri (9th-12th century) dynasty Lower Xiajiadian culture, c. 2000-1500 BCE Mamluk period Marinid period Meiji (1868-1912), Taishō (1912-1926) or Shōwa (1926-1989) era Meiji era, 1868-1912 Meiji, Taishō or early Shōwa period Meroitic period Middle Ages Middle Ages, Early Middle Ages, High Middle Kingdom Middle Kingdom, Dynasty 12 Ming (1368-1644) lớn Qing (1644-1911) dynasty Ming dynasty, 1368-1644 Minoan period Minoan period, Early Minoan I Minoan period, Early Minoan II Minoan period, Early Minoan III Minoan period, Late Minoan period, Late Minoan IA Minoan period, Late Minoan IB Minoan period, Late Minoan II Minoan period, Late Minoan IIIA Minoan period, Late Minoan IIIB Minoan period, Late Minoan IIIC Minoan period, Middle Minoan period, Middle Minoan IA Minoan period, Middle Minoan IB Minoan period, Middle Minoan II Minoan period, Middle Minoan III Mitannian period Modern Momoyama (1568-1615) lớn Edo (1615-1868) period Momoyama period, 1568-1615 Mon-Dvaravati period, 6th-11th century Mughal period Muromachi (1392-1568) khổng lồ Edo (1615-1868) period Muromachi (1392-1568) khổng lồ Momoyama (1568-1615) period Muromachi period, 1392-1568 Muromachi period, Late or Momoyama period Muzaffarid period Nambokuchō (1333-1392) lớn Muromachi (1392-1568) period Nambokuchō period, 1333-1392 Nara period, 710-794 Nara period, Early, 645-710 Neo-Assyrian period Neo-Babylonian period Neo-Sumerian period, Third Dynasty of Ur Neolithic period Neolithic period khổng lồ Shang dynasty Neolithic period, Dawenkou culture, c. 4300-2600 BCE Neolithic period, Hongshan culture, c. 4500-3000 BCE Neolithic period, Late Neolithic period, Liangzhu culture, c. 3300-2200 BCE Neolithic period, Longshan culture, c. 3000-1900 BCE Neolithic period, Majiayao culture, c. 3300-2000 BCE Neolithic period, Peiligang culture, c. 6500-5000 BCE Neolithic period, Qujialing culture, c. 3000-2500 BCE Neolithic period, Shandong Longshan culture, c. 2600-2000 BCE Neolithic period, Shijiahe culture, c. 2500-2000 BCE Neolithic period, Songze culture, c. 3900-3300 BCE Neolithic period, Yangshao culture, c. 5000-3000 BCE New Kingdom New Kingdom to Third Intermediate Period New Kingdom, Dynasty 18 New Kingdom, Dynasty 18, Amarna period New Kingdom, Dynasty 19 New Kingdom, Dynasty 20 Northern Qi (550-577) to Sui (581-618) dynasty Northern Qi, 550-577 Northern tuy nhiên (960-1127) lớn Jin (1115-1234) period Northern Wei (386-534) or Eastern Wei (534-550) period Northern Wei, 386-534 Northern & Southern Dynasties period (420-589) khổng lồ Sui dynasty (581-618) Northern and Southern Dynasties period, 420-589 Old Babylonian/Isin-Larsa period Old Kingdom Old Kingdom, Dynasty 4 Old Kingdom, Dynasty 5 Old Kingdom, Dynasty 6 Old Syrian period Orientalizing period Orientalizing period khổng lồ Archaic Ottoman period Pala dynasty, 760-1142 Pallava Dynasty, 4th-9th centuries Parthian period Pre-Angkor period Predynastic period Predynastic period to lớn Old Kingdom Prehistoric Protogeometric period Protogeometric period to Geometric Ptolemaic period Ptolemaic period khổng lồ Roman Imperial Qajar period Qara Qoyunlu period Qianlong period, 1736-95 Qijia culture, c. 2300-1500 BCE Qin dynasty, 221-206 BCE Qing dynasty (1644-1911) to Modern period Qing dynasty, 1644-1911 Queen Anne (1702-1714) Roman Imperial period Roman Imperial period, Early Roman Imperial period, Late Roman Imperial period, Late, to lớn Early Byzantine Roman Imperial period, Middle Roman Republican period Roman Republican period, Late, to Early Imperial Roman period Sa"did period Sabaean period Safavid period Safavid period và Zand period Samanid period Sasanian period Seleucid period Seljuk-Atabeg period Seljuks of Rum period Shang dynasty (c. 1600-c. 1050 BCE) to lớn Western Zhou period (c. 1050-771 BCE) Shang dynasty, c. 1600-c. 1050 BCE Shaybanid period Shōwa era, 1926-1989 Siba culture, c. 2000-1600 BCE Siwa culture, c. 1300-500 BCE Six Dynasties period, 220-589 tuy vậy dynasty, 960-1279 song dynasty, Northern tuy vậy period, 960-1127 tuy vậy dynasty, Southern tuy nhiên period, 1127-1279 Southern tuy vậy period (1127-1279) to lớn Yuan dynasty (1279-1368) Sui (581-618) lớn Tang (618-907) dynasty Sui dynasty, 581-618 Sukhothai period, 13th-15th century Sultanate period Taishō era, 1912-1926 Taishō or Shōwa period Taishō or early Shōwa period Taishō lớn Shōwa period, 20th century Taishō lớn Shōwa period, early 20th century Tang dynasty (618-907) to Five Dynasties period (907-960) Tang dynasty (618-907) to lớn Northern tuy vậy period (960-1127) Tang dynasty, 618-907 Third Intermediate Period Third Intermediate Period, Dynasty 22 Three Kingdoms period (220-280) lớn Western Jin (266-317) Three Kingdoms period, 220-280 CE Three Kingdoms period, Kaya, 42 BCE-562 CE Three Kingdoms period, Koguryŏ, 37 BCE-668 CE Three Kingdoms period, Paekche, 18 BCE-660 CE Three Kingdoms period, Silla or Kaya Three Kingdoms period, Silla, 57 BCE-668 CE Timurid period Tulunid period Tumulus Period, 250-552 Turkman period Ubaid period Umayyad period Unified Silla (668-935) to lớn Koryŏ (918-1392) dynasty Unified Silla dynasty, 668-935 Uruk period Warring States period (475-221 BCE) to lớn Western Han period (206 BCE-9 CE) William & Mary (1688-1702) Xindian culture, c. 1600-600 BCE Xixia kingdom, 1032-1227 Yuan (1279-1368) lớn Ming (1368-1644) dynasty Yuan dynasty, 1279-1368 Zand period Zand period to early Qajar period Zangid period Zhou dynasty, Eastern Zhou period, 770-256 BCE Zhou dynasty, Spring và Autumn period, 770-476 BCE Zhou dynasty, Warring States period, 475-221 BCE Zhou dynasty, Western Zhou period, c. 1050-771 BCE Zhou dynasty, c. 1050-221 BCE Place ? Abakainon (Sicily) Abbaitis (Phrygia) Abdera (Hispania) Abdera (Thrace) Abila (Syria) Abruzzi Abydos (Troas) Acerrae (Campania) Achaia Adana (Cilicia) Adramytteion (Mysia) Adranon (Sicily) Aegean Islands Aegina Aegium (Achaia) Aelia Capitolina (Palestine) Aelia-Filastin (Palestine) Aesernia (Samnium) Aetolia Afghanistan Africa Africa Aggripias Caesarea (Judaea) Agra Agra? Agrigentum (Sicily) Agrippia (Cimmerian Bosporus) Agyrion (Sicily) Ahmadnagar Aigai (Aiolis) Aigai (Macedonia) Aigai or Pella (Macedonia) Aigeai (Cilicia) Aigeira (Achaia) Aigiale (Amorgos) Aigina (Aegina) Aigispotamai (Thrace) Aiglemont Aineia (Macedonia) Ainos (Thrace) Aiolis Aitna (Sicily) Aitolia Aizanis (Phrygia) Ajanta Ajmer Akagras Akanthos (Macedonia) Akarnania Akkilaion (Phrygia) Akmin (Egypt) Akmoneia (Phrygia) Akragas (Sicily) Akrai (Sicily) Akrasos (Lydia) Akron Alabama Alabanda (Caria) Alabanda (Troas) Alaisa (Sicily) Alaska Alba Fucens (Latium) Albany Alberta Albion Alea (Arkadia) Aleppo Alexandreia Troas Alexandreia ad Issum (Cilicia) Alexandria Alexandria Alexandria (Egypt) Algeria Alia (Phrygia) Alifae (Campania) Allahabad Allegheny Allentown Allifai (Campania) Alontion (Sicily) Alopeconesos (Thrace) Alsace Alwar Amana Amaseia (Pontus) Amastris (Paphlagonia) Amathos (Cyprus) Amber Ambiani (Amiens) Ambrakia (Epiros) Amestratos (Sicily) Ami (Lucania) Amisos (Pontus) Amite thành phố Amlash (Iran) Amorgos Amorion (Phrygia) Amphipolis (Macedonia) Amritsar Amsterdam Amsterdam Anaktorion (Akarnania) Anaphe (Cyclades) Anatolia Anazarbos (Cilicia) Anchialos (Thrace) Ancient & Byzantine World Ancona (Picenum) Andalusia Andeda (Pisidia) Andhra Pradesh Andros (Aegean Islands) Anemurium (Cilicia) Angelica Angermanland Angers Angkor Angkor Wat Angola Anhui province Aninetos (Lydia) Ankyra (Galatia) Ankyra (Phrygia) Antandros (Troas) Antigoneia-Mantineia (Arkadia) Antinoopolis (Egypt) Antioch (Syria) Antiocheia Caesarea (Pisidia) Antiocheia ad Hippium (Syria) Antiocheia ad Maeandrum (Caria) Antiocheia pros Saroi (Cilicia) Antipolis (Gaul) Antissa (Lesbos) Antwerp Anyang Apamea (Syria) Apameia ad Orontem (Syria) Apameia-Kibotos (Phrygia) Apameia-Myrleia (Bithynia) Aphrodisias (Cilicia) Aphrodisias-Plarasa (Caria) Aphytis (Macedonia) Apollonia (Illyria) Apollonia Mordiaion (Pisidia) Apollonia Pontika (Thrace) Apollonia Salbake (Caria) Apollonis (Lydia) Apterai (Crete) Apulia Apulia Aquileia (North Italy) Aquilonia (Samnium) Aquinum (Latium) Arabia Arabia Deserta Arabia Felix Arabia Petraea Arados (Phoenicia) Araklos (Phoenicia) Arcadia Ardennes Arelate (Gaul) Arequipa Argenteuil Argentina Argilos (Macedonia) Argolis Argolis? Argos (Argolis) Argos Amphilochikon (Akarnania) Argyle Ariassos (Pisidia) Ariminum (Umbria) Arizona Arkadia Arkansas Arkesine (Amorgos) Arlington Armenia Armenia Armorica (Gaul) Arpi (Apulia) Arretium (Etruria) Arthurdale Ascalon (Palestine) Ashville Ashville Asia Asia Minor Asia Minor? Asia? Asido (Hispania) Asolo Aspendos (Pamphylia) Assisi Assoros (Macedonia) Assoros (Sicily) Assos (Troas) Assyria Astyra (Caria) Astyra (Mysia) Aswan Asyut (Egypt) Atarneus (Mysia) Atella (Campania) Athens Athens (Attica) Atlanta Atlantic city Atlasburg Atrax (Thessaly) Attaleia (Pamphylia) Attica Attica? Attuda (Caria) Auburn Auburn Aubusson Aue Augsburg Augusta (Cilicia) Aurangabad Ausculum (Apulia) Ausculum (Picenum) Aussig nước australia Austria Austrian Empire Autun Auvergne Avignon Axosi (Crete) Ayutthaya Azerbaijan Azetium (Apulia) Babylon (Mesopotamia) Badakshan Baden-Württemberg Bageis (Lydia) Baghdad Baghdad? Bakersfield Baktria Baletium (Calabria) Bali Balkh Ballston spa Baltimore Bamako Banff Barata (Lycaonia) Barcelona Bargylia (Caria) Baris (Pisidia) Barium (Apulia) Barke (Kyrenaika) Basel Baskunes (Hispania) Basohli Basohli or Nurpur Basra Batavia Bath Bath, ME Baton Rouge Bavaria Bawit (Egypt) Bawit (Egypt)? Beaumont Beaune Bedford Beijing Belfast Belfast Belgian Congo Belgica (Gaul) Belgium Belgrade Belikio (Hispania) Bellows Falls Belmar Belmont Benares Beneventum (Samnium) Bengal Benin city Bergamo Bergamo? Berkshire Berlin Berlin-Friedrichsberg Bernau Bernburg Berne Beroea Cyrrhestica (Syria) Berytos (Phoenicia) Bessemer city Beulah Beverly Bharatpur Bhutan Bibbiena Bielefeld Bihar Bijapur Bijapur or Golconda Bikaner Bilbilis (Hispania) Binghamton Birmingham Birmingham Birytis (Troas) Bisaltia (Macedonia) Bischofszell Bithynia Bizya (Thrace) Blaundos (Lydia) Blaundus (Lydia) Boeotia Boeotia or Attica Bohemia Bohemia Bologna Bolscan (Hispania) Bombay Bonn Boone County Borger Borobudur Bosporos Boston Boston ? Bostra (Arabia) Botrys (Phoenicia) Bottiaia (Macedonia) Boulogne-sur-Mer Bourneville Brabant Bradford Branchville Brandenburg Braunschweig Brazil Breesport Bremen Bremerhaven Brentwood Brescia Brettii/Bruttii (Bruttium) Brewster Bridgeport Bridgewater Brighton Brislington Bristol Bristol Britain (Britannia) British Columbia Brittany Brockton Brookline Brooklyn Brookville Brown County Bruges Bruges Brundisium (Calabria) Brussels Brussels? Bruttium Bruzus (Phrygia) Bucharest Buckeye Lake Bucks County Buffalo Bukhara Bulgaria Bulgaria Bundelkhand Bundi Bundi or Kotah Burano Burgundy Burma Bursa Bursa? Butte Butuntum (Apulia) Byblos (Phoenicia) Byzacium Byzantium (Thrace) Cabellio (Gaul) Caelia (Apulia) Caen Caere (Etruria) Caesaraugusta (Hispania) Caesarea Germanice (Bithynia) Caesarea Maritima (Samaria) Caesarea Mazaca (Cappadocia) Caesarea Panias (Syria) Caesarea ad Libanum (Phoenicia) Cairo Cairo Cairo? Calabria Calagurris (Hispania) Calais Calatia (Campania) Calcutta Cales (Campania) Calhoun California Calumet Cambodia Cambridge Cambridge Cambridge or Charlestown Camden Camden Cameroon Campani (Campania) Campania Campania Camulodunum (Britain) Canada Canal Winchester Canandaigua Canatha (Syria) Canicatti (Sicily) Cannon Beach Canterbury Canton Canton Canuntum (Apulia) Canusium (Apulia) Cape Cod Cappadocia Capua (Campania) Carallia (Cilicia) Cardiff Caria Carissa (Hispania) Carmel Carmo (Hispania) Carrhae (Mesopotamia) Carteia (Hispania) Cartersville Carthage (North Africa) Carthago Nova (Hispania) Casae (Cilicia) Cassel (Kassel?) Castelli Castulo (Hispania) Catalonia Catana (Sicily) Caucasus Celsa (Hispania) Central America Central Asia Central France Central India Central Italy Central Italy Central Russia Central Turkey Cerveteri (Etruria) Cese (Hispania) Chabakta (Pontus) Chal Tarkhan Chalke Chalkidike (Macedonia) Chalkis (Euboia) Chalkis (Syria) Chamba Champagne Champaign County Changhua Changsha Channel Islands (Britain) Characene Characene (Parthia) Charax (Charax Spasini) (Characene) Charleston Charlestown Charroux Chartres Chatsworth Chelsea Cherchell Cherronesos (Cimmerian Bosporus) Chersonasosi (Crete) Chersonesos (Bosporos) Chersonesos (Moesia Inferior) Chester Chester Springs Chicago Chile Chimu china Chios (Ionian Islands) Chisholm Christchurch Cilbiani Inferiores (Lydia) Cilicia Cimmerian Bosporus Cincinnati Circleville Cisalpine Gaul Clarentza Clay Cleveland Clinton Clunia (Hispania) Clusium (Etruria) Coburg Coela (Thrace) Coldspring Cologne Colombia Colonia Patricia (Hispania) Colorado Columbus Colybrassos (Cilicia) Comana (Pisidia) Commagene Compulteria (Campania) Concord Congo Connecticut Connellsville Constantinople (Thrace) Copenhagen Copia (Lucania) Cora (Latium) Corduba (Hispania) Corfu Corinth (Corinthia) Corinth (Corinthia)X Corinth? (Corinthia) Corinthia Cork Cornwall Cortland Cosa (Etruria) Cosentia (Bruttium) Cossura Costa Rica Cote d"Ivoire Cotiaeum (Phrygia) Cozon-au-Mont-d"Or Cremna (Pisidia) Cremona Crete Crete Creusot Crittenden County Crossville Ctesiphon (Mesopotamia) Cuatro Cuba Cuba Cumae (Campania) Cumberland Mills Cumbria Cunbaria (Hispania) Cuzco Cyclades Cyparissia (Messenia) Cyprus Cyrenaica Cyrene (Cyrenaica) Cyrrhus Cyrrhestica (Syria) Czech Republic Czechoslovakia Dacia Dacia (Uncertain Mint) Dagestan Daldis (Lydia) Damascus Damascus (Syria) Damascus? (Syria) Damastion (Paeonia) Danbury Danielson Danvers Danzig-Neuschottland Daphne (Syria) Dardanos (Troas) Darmstadt Datchet Datia Daunia (Apulia) Dayton Daytona Beach Deccan Dedham Deep an der Rega Delaware Delhi Delhi Delos Delos (Aegean Islands) Delphi (Phokis) Deltai (Phrygia) Demetrias (Syria) Demetrias (Thessaly) Democratic Republic of Congo Demos (Phrygia) Denmark Denpasar Des Moines Dessau Detroit Deultum (Thrace) Deventer Devgarh Devon Dewittville Dia (Bithynia) Dijon Dikaia (Macedonia) Dikaia (Thrace) Dimini (Thessaly) Diokaisareia (Cilicia) Dion (Macedonia) Dion (Syria) Dionysopolis (Moesia Inferior) Dionysopolis (Phrygia) Dioskourias (Kolchis) District of Columbia Dium (Macedonia) Dobra Dobrogia (Moesia Inferior) Docimeium (Phrygia) Doliche (Commagene) Dominican Republic Donegal Donora Dora (Phoenicia) Dorchester Dordrecht Dortmund Dorylaeum (Phrygia) Dover Dresden Dublin Dundalk Dunhuang Dura-Europas (Syria) Dyess Colony Dyme (Achaia) Dyrrachion ((Illyria) Dyrrhachium (Illyria) Düren Düsseldorf Earswick East Anglia East Asia East Beekmantown East View East Walpole Eastern Europe Eastern India Eastern Iran Eastern Mediterranean Eastern Turkey Eastham Easton Eaton Ebora (Hispania) Ebusus (Hispania) Ecbatana (Syria) Edessa (Macedonia) Edessa (Mesopotamia) Edessa (Mesopotamia) Edessa (Syria) Edgewater Edinburgh Egypt Egypt (Ancient) Egypt? Egypt? Eion (Macedonia) Ekbatana (Media) Elaeus (Thracian Chersonesos) Elaia (Aiolis) Elaiussa-Sebaste (Cilicia) Elateia (Phokis) Elea (Epiros) Eleusis (Attica) Eleuthernai (Crete) Elis Elis Elis province Ellora Ellsworth Ely Elymais (Persia) Elyrosi (Crete) Emerita (Hispania) Emesa (Syria) Emilia Eminako (Thrace) Emporion (Hispania) England Englewood Enna (Sicily) Entella (Sicily) Epardus (Hyrcania) Ephesos (Ionia) Ephesus (Ionia) Epicteteis (Phrygia) Epidauros (Argolis) Epiros Epirus Eresos (Lesbos) Eretria (Euboia) Erwin Erythrai (Ionia) Eryx (Sicily) Esher Esmond Essen Essex (Britain) Etenna (Pisidia) Ethiopia Etruria Etruria Euboia Eucarpeia (Phrygia) Euhesperides (Cyrenaica) Eumeneia (Phrygia) Euridikeia (Ionia) Europe Europe Europe? Eusebeia-Caesarea (Cappadocia) Evanston Everett Exeter Exeter Fairfield Fairfield Fairfield Faizabad Fall River Fano Fars province Fatehpur Sikri Fayum (Egypt) Fengxiang Fenseri (Campania) Ferrara Fez Finland Finland Finsterwalde Firmum (Picenum) Fitchburg Flanders Flaviopolis (Cilicia) Florence Florham Park Florida Fontainebleau Forks Fort Lauderdale Fort Worth Framingham France Frankenthal Frankfurt Frankfurt am Main Franklin Frederiksoord Freeville French Algeria Frentani Frentrum (Frentani) Friuli-Venezia Giulia Fujian Province Fustat Gabala (Syria) Gabon Gadara (Syria) Gades (Hispania) Galaria (Sicily) Galatia Gallaecia (Hispania) Galveston Gambreion (Mysia) Gandhara Gangra-Germanopolis (Paphlagonia) Gansu province Gardner Gargara (Troas) Gary Gaul Gaul (Uncertain Mint) Gaulos (Sicily) Gaza (Palestine) Gaza (Philisto-Arabia) Gaziura (Pontus) Gdansk Gela (Sicily) Geneseo Geneva Genoa Genoa Gentinos (Troas) Georgia Georgia Gerasa (Syria) Gergis (Troas) Germa (Galatia) German Democratic Republic Germania Germantown Germany Germe (Mysia) Ghent Ghent Gibraltar Gilan Gilan (Iran) Giverny Giza Glasgow Glen Beulah Glen Falls Gloucester Gloucester Gloucester Gloversville Gnathia (Apulia) Golconda Golgoi (Cyprus) Gomphi (Thessaly) Gongxian Goodyear Heights Gorgippia (Bosporos) Gortynai (Crete) Goshen Graal Graham Granada Grasmere Graxa (Calabria) Greece Greek Islands Greenbelt Greenland Grimenothyrae (Phrygia) Groton Grumum (Apulia) Guangde Guangdong province Guatemala Guise Gujarat Guler Gunsbach Guslitsi (Moscow region) Gyrton (Thessaly) Gytheion (Lakonia) Gördes Görlitz Hacilar (Pisidia) Hadda Hadleigh Hadrianeia (Mysia) Hadrianopolis (Thrace) Hadrianopolis-Sebaste (Phrygia) Hagia Triada (Crete) Haindorf Haiti Haliartos (Boeotia) Halikarnassos (Caria) Hall in Tyrol Halle Halmyrus (Thessaly) Hamadan Hamburg Hamilton Hammond Hampstead Hampton Hannover Hanoi Harpasa (Caria) Hartford Hatra (Mesopotamia) Hatria (Picenum) Hauts-de-Seine Havana Haverhill Haverhill Hawaii Hebei province Hecatompylos (Hyrcania) Hejaz Heliopolis (Syria) Hellerau Hempstead Henan province Hephaisteia-Lemnos (Thrace) Heraia (Argolis) Heraion (Argolis) Heraion (Argolis)? Herakleia (Lucania) Herakleia Minoa (Sicily) Herakleia Pontika (Bithynia) Herakleia Salbakes (Caria) Herakleia Trachinia (Thessaly) Herakleia ad Latmon (Ionia) Herakleopolites Nomos (Egypt) Heraklia (Thrace) Herat Herault Herbessos (Sicily) Herbita (Sicily) Heringsdorf Hermione (Argolis) Hermocapeleia (Lydia) Hernshaw Hesse Hibbing Hierapolis (Phrygia) Hierapolis-Bambike (Syria) Hierapolis-Kastabala (Cilicia) Hierapytnai (Crete) Highland Park Hilliards Hillsdale Hilton Village Himachal Pradesh Himera (Sicily) Hindman Hipana (Sicily) Hipponium (Bruttium) Hispania Histiaia (Euboia) Hollywood Holyoke Honeoye Hong Kong Honolulu Honshu Prefecture Hopedale Hotan Houston Huairen Hubei province Hudson Hunan province Hungary Huntingdon Huntington Huntsville Hybla (Sicily) Hybla Magna (Sicily) Hyderabad Hydisos (Caria) Hypaepa (Lydia) Hyporum (Bruttium) Hyria (Campania) Hyria-Orra (Calabria) Hyrium (Apulia) Hyrtakinai (Crete) Hyōgo Prefecture Höchst Iaitia (Sicily) Iasos (Caria) Iconium (Lycaonia) Idaho Idalion (Cyprus) Idyma (Caria) Ikaros Ile-de-France Ilerda (Hispania) Ilici (Hispania) Ilion (Troas) Ilipa (Hispania) Illinois Illyria Iltirkesken (Hispania) Imbros (Thrace) Independence India India (Ancient Asia) India or Iran Indiana Indianapolis Indonesia Indore Inner Mongolia (Nei Menggu) Iolla (Mysia) Ionia Ionian Islands Ioulis (Keos) Iowa Iran Iran Iran or Central Asia Iran or India Iran or Turkey Iran or Uzbekistan Iraq Iraq or Iran Iraq? Ireland Ireland Ireland (Ancient) Irenopolis (Cilicia) Iroquois Isaura (Isauria) Isauria Isfahan Isfahan province Isinda (Pisidia) Isle of Marken Israel Issa (Illyria) Istanbul Istanbul? Istria Istros (Thrace) Italica (Hispania) Italy Italy? Itanosi (Crete) Ithaka (Kephallenia) Ituci (Hispania) Iulia Traducta (Hispania) Iznik Jacksonville Jacksonville Jaipur Jakarta Jalapa Jamaica Jammu japan Jasrota Java Jazira Jemdet Nasr (Mesopotamia) Jena Jenkins Jersey Jersey thành phố Jersey Homesteads Jerusalem Jerusalem (Palestine) Jiajiang Jiangsu province Jiangxi province Jianyang Jingdezhen Ji’an Jodhpur Juarez Judaea (Palestine) Judaea Capta (Palestine) Julia Gordos (Lydia) Kabeira (Pontus) Kabul Kachchh Kadoi (Phrygia) Kalakte (Sicily) Kalchedon (Bithynia) Kallatis (Thrace) Kalymna (Caria) Kamarina (Sicily) Kamiros (Rhodes) Kampanoi (Sicily) Kandy Kangra Kangra? Kansas Kansas thành phố Kaphyai (Arkadia) Kapisa (India) Kardia (Thrace) Karnac Karnataka Karne (Phoenicia) Karpathos Karthaia (Keos) Karystos (Euboia) Kashan Kashmir Kassandreia (Macedonia) Kassope (Epiros) Katane (Sicily) Kaulonia (Bruttium) Kaunos (Caria) Kayseri Kebren (Troas) Keene Kefaloidion (Sicily) Kelenderis (Cilicia) Kelse (Hispania) Kempen Kent (Britain) Kentoripai (Sicily) Kentucky Kenya Keos Kephallenia KephalleniaX Keraitai (Pisidia) Keramos (Caria) Kerkinitis (Moesia Inferior) Kerkyra Khara Khoto Khorasan or Transoxiana Khorasan province Kibyra (Phrygia) Kidramos (Caria) Kiev? Kimball Kimissa (Sicily) Kingston Kios (Bithynia) Kirman Kirman province Kishangarh Kition (Cyprus) Klazomenai (Ionia) Kleitor (Arkadia) Kleonai (Argolis) Knebworth Knidos (Caria) Knossos (Crete) Kodrula (Pisidia) Koinon of Macedonia Kolberg Kolchis Kolophon (Ionia) Komana (Pisidia) Komana Pontica (Pontus) Kopais (Boeotia) Korea Koressia (Keos) Korone (Messenia) Koroneia (Boeotia) Koropissos (Cilicia) Korydalla (Lycia) Korykos (Cilicia) Kos Kota Kota (?) Kota or Devgarh Kragos (Lycia) Kranion (Kephallenia) Krannon (Thessaly) Kremna (Pisidia) Kromna (Paphlagonia) Kroton (Bruttium) Ktesiphon (Syria) Kufa Kula Kultepe (Cappadocia) Kulu Kutahya Kuwait Kyaneai (Lycia) Kydoniai (Crete) Kyme (Aiolis) Kyrenaica Kythnos (Aegean Islands) Kyzikos (Mysia) Kyōto Kyōto Metropolitan Area Königsberg Kōbe Laconia Laconia Laerte (Cilicia) Lahore Lake Como Lake District Lake Tai Lake Tai area Lakedaimon (Lakonia) Lakonia Lamia (Thessaly) Lampsakos (Mysia) Lancaster Lancaster Lancaster Lancaster Languedoc Lansford Laodicea (Phyrgia) Laodikeia ad Libanum (Syria) Laodikeia ad Lycum (Phrygia) Laodikeia ad Mare (Syria) Laos (Lucania) Laoshan Lapethos (Cyprus) Lappai (Crete) Laredo Larinum (Frentani) Larinum (Samnium) Larissa (Ionia) Larissa (Thessaly) Larissa Kremaste (Thessaly) Las Vegas Lastigi (Hispania) Latium Latosi (Crete) Laurion (Attica) Lawrence Lawrence Lawrenceville Lazio Lebadea (Boeotia) Lebanon Leclaire Leeds Leipzig Leningrad Leon Leontinoi (Sicily) Leptis Magna (Syrtica) Leptis Minor (Byzacium) Lesbos Lesbos Lesser Antilles Letchworth Lete (Macedonia) Leukas (Akarnania) Leukas (Syria) Levant Levant Levittown Lewiston Leyden Liangzhu Liaoning province Liberia Liguria Lille Lilybaion (Sicily) Lima Limburg Limoges Limyra (Lycia) Linden Lindos (Rhodes) Lindos (Rhodes) Lingbao Lingbi Linworth Lipara (Sicily) Lisbon Little Rock Liverpool Liège Lockhart Lockport Logan Loire Valley Lokeren Lokris Lokris Opuntii (Lokris) Lokroi Epizephyrioi Lokroi Epizephyroi (Bruttium) Lombardy Lombardy (North Italy) Londinium (Britain) London London Londonderry Long Beach Long Island Longane (Sicily) Longmen Longquan Lorain Lorraine Los Angeles Louisiana Louisville Louvain Lowell Lower Rhine Valley (Gaul) Lower Saxony Lowville Lucani (Lucania) Lucania Lucca Luceria (Apulia) Lucerne Lucknow Ludlow Ludwigsburg Ludwigshafen Lugano Lugdunum (Gaul) Luristan (Iran) Luxor Lycaonia Lycia Lycosura (Arkadia) Lydia Lyonnais Lyons Lyons Lyrbe (Pisidia) Lysimacheia (Thrace) Lysinia (Pisidia) Lyttosi (Crete) Lâdik Lövvik Lübeck Ma"rib (Arabia) Maastricht Macedonia Macedonia or Thessaly Machias Madaba (Arabia) Madhya Pradesh Madrid Madytos (Thrace) Maeonia (Lydia) Magnesia ad Meandron (Ionia) Magnesia ad Sipylum (Lydia) Magydus (Pamphylia) Maharashtra Maine Maine Mainz Makhachkala Malaca (Hispania) Malawi Malaysia Malden Mali Mallos (Cilicia) Malone Malpura Malta Malta (Melita) Malwa Mamaroneck Mamertinoi (Sicily) Manchester Manchester Mandi Manila Manitoba Mankot Mannheim Mantua Maraga Marathos (Phoenicia) Maraussan Marches Marcianopolis (Moesia Inferior) Marcianopolis (Syria) Marcus Hook Mardin Margiane (Margiana) Marianna Marienberg Marion Markazi province Marked Tree Markesan Marlik (Iran) Maroneia (Thrace) Marquesas Islands Marseilles Martha"s Vineyard Martinique Marwar Maryland Marysville Mashhad Masikytes (Lycia) Massachusetts Massalia (Gaul) Mateolum (Apulia)? Mathura Mauretania Mauritius Maynard Maynardville Mayyafariqin McClellanville Mechanicsburg Medeon (Akarnania) Medfield Mediolanum (Gaul) Mediolanum (North Italy) Medma (Bruttium) Megalopolis (Arkadia) Megalopolis (Pontus) Megara (Megaris) Megara Hyblaia (Sicily) Megaris Meissen Meldi (Gaul) Meliboea (Thessaly) Melos Melos (Aegean Islands) Memphis Memphis Menaion (Sicily) Mende (Macedonia) Menemsha Mentone Merida Meroë Mesembria (Thrace) Mesopotamia Messana (Sicily) Messene (Messenia) Messenia Metapontion (Lucania) Metapontum (Lucania) Methana/Arsinoe (Argolis) Methymna (Lesbos) Methymna (Lesbos) Metropolis (Ionia) Meudon Mewar Mewar at Udaipur or Devgarh Mexico Mexico Mexico đô thị Miami Beach Mianzhu Michigan Middle East Middleboro Middleburgh Middletown Middletown Middleville Midland Milan Milas Miletopolis (Mysia) Miletos (Ionia) Milton Milwaukee Mineville Minneapolis Minnesota Minoa (Amorgos) Mint of the Camp (Sicily) Misseoula Mississippi Mississippi County Missouri Moesia Inferior Moesia Superior Mongolia Montana Monterey Monterrey Monticello Montjavoult Montpellier Montreal Mopsos (Cilicia) Morgantina (Sicily) Morgantown Morocco Moscow Moscow? Mostene (Lydia) Mosul Mothone (Messenia) Motya (Sicily) Mount Athos Mount Qilian Moutiers-Saint-Jean Moving Mint Mozambique Mstera Mstera? Mt. Lebanon Mulhouse Munich Munich-Perlach Murfreesboro Murom (Central Russia) Murshidabad Mussoorie Mycenae (Argolis) Mykalessos (Boeotia) Mykonos Mylasa (Caria) Myndos (Caria) Myra (Lycia) Myriandros (Syria) Myrikion (Macedonia) Myrina (Aiolis) Myrleia (Bithynia) Mysia Mysore Mysore or Tanjore Mytilene (Lesbos) Mytilene (Lesbos) Mytistratos (Sicily) Myus (Ionia) Mâcon Mülhausen Nabataea (Arabia) Nagano Nagidos (Cilicia) Nakone (Sicily) Namur Nancy Nantasket Beach Nantucket Nanty Glo Naples Nara Nara Prefecture Narbo Martius (Gaul) Nashua Nashville Natchez Nathadwara Naxos (Aegean Islands) Naxos (Sicily) Neandreia (Troas) Neapolis (Campania) Neapolis (Caria) Neapolis (Macedonia) Neapolis (Palestine) Neapolis Peucetiae (Apulia) Nebraska Nemausus (Gaul) Neocaesareia (Pontus) Nepal Neretum/Naretum (Calabria) Nesos (Lesbos) Nessos (Kolchis) Netherlands Nethers Nevada New Bedford New Brunswick New Brunswick New Carlisle New Hampshire New Hampton New Haven New Jersey New Mexico New Orleans New Paltz thủ đô new york New York thủ đô new york New York ? thành phố new york City new york City new york City? new york State New Zealand Newark Newark Newark Newburgh Newburyport Newcastle Newport Newport Newport News Newton Lower Falls Niagara Falls Nicaragua Nicholson Hollow Nicomedia Nicopolis ad Nestum (Thrace) Nigeria Nikaia (Bithynia) Nikomedeia (Bithynia) Nikopolis (Epiros) Nikopolis ad Istrum (Moesia Inferior) Nile Valley (Egypt) Nineveh (Assyria) Nineveh (Assyria) Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Ninika (Cilicia) Nisa - Mithradatkart (Media) Nishapur Nishapur or Samarkand Nisibis-Antiocheia (Mesopotamia) Nisyros (Caria) Noisiel Nola (Campania) Nord-Pas-de-Calais Norfolk Norfolk Normandy North Africa North America North America? North Bessemer North Billerica North Boscawen North Carolina North Caucasus North Central Italy North Chelmsford North Gaul North Germany North Italy North Plymouth North Rhine-Westphalia North Russia Northampton Northern Afghanistan Northern Egypt Northern Egypt Northern France Northern Greece Northern Greece? Northern India Northern Ireland Northern Italy Northern Syria Northern Syria Northern Tunisia Northumberland Northwest Europe Northwestern Syria Norvelt Norway Norwood Nova Scotia Nubia Nubia Nuceria (Bruttium) Nuceria Altafernia (Campania) Numidia Numidia và Mauretania Nuremberg Nurpur Nusaybin Nuzi (Mesopotamia) Nymphenburg Nysa (Lydia) Nysa Scythopolis (Palestine) Nüremberg Oak Bluffs Oak Summit Oakdale Oberhausen Obulco (Hispania) Oceania Odessos (Moesia Inferior) Oea (Syrtica) Ogdensburg Ohio Oiniadai (Akarnania) Oinoe (Ikaros) Oise Okinawa Prefecture Oklahoma Olba (Cilicia) Olbia (Thrace) Old Arsenal Prison Old Rag Olontigi (Hispania) Olousi (Crete) Olten Olympia Olympia (?) Olympia (Elis) Olympia (Elis)? Olympos (Lycia) Olynthos (Macedonia) Omaha Omar Ontario Onuba (Hispania) Oppenheim Orange Valley Orchomenos (Arkadia) Orchomenos (Boeotia) Ordos Oregon Orescia (Macedonia) Orikos (Illyria) Orippo (Hispania) Orissa Orleanais Orleans Orsantini (Lucania) Orthagoreia (Macedonia) Orthez Orthosia (Phoenicia) Osage Osaka Osaka Metropolitan Area Osca (Hispania) Oslo Osset (Hispania) Ossipee Ostia (Latium) Oswego Otsu Ottawa Oudenaarde Overbrook Owego Oxford Oxford Ozarks Padua Paeonia Paestum (Lucania) Pahari Pakistan Pal/Mol (Lucania) Palaikastroi (Crete) Pale (Kephallenia) Palencia Palermo Palestine Palestine Palestine-Arabia Pallantion (Arkadia) Pallanum or Paeligni (Frentani)? Palmer Palmerton Palmyra (Syria) Palo Alto Paltos (Syria) Pamphylia Panama Pandosia (Bruttium) Panemoteichos (Pisidia) Pannonia Pannonia (Uncertain Mint) Panormos (Sicily) Pantikapaion (Cimmerian Bosporus) Papeete Paphlagonia Paphos (Cyprus) Parion (Mysia) Paris Parlais (Pisidia) Parma Paropos (Sicily) Paroreia (Macedonia) Paros (Aegean Islands) Parthenay Parthia Pasadena Passaic Patara (Lycia) Patna Patrai (Achaia) Patras (Paeonia) Pautalia (Thrace) Pavia Pawtucket Peacedale Pednelissos (Pisidia) Pella (Macedonia) Pella (Sikyonia) Pellene (Achaia) Pellinna (Thrace) Peloponesos Peloponnesus Peltai (Phrygia) Pembroke Penn Yan Pennsylvania Peparethos (Thessaly) Pergamene Kingdom Pergamon (Mysia) Pergamum (Mysia) Perge (Pamphylia) Perinthos (Thrace) Peripoloi Pitanatai (Samnium) Perryville Persepolis (Persia) Persia Persis Peru Perugia Peshawar Pessinus (Galatia) Petaluma Petelia (Bruttium) Petelia (Calabria) Petra (Arabia) Petra (Sicily) Pforzheim Phaistos (Crete) Phalanna (Thessaly) Phalasarnai (Crete) Phanagoreia (Bosporos) Pharnakeia (Pontus) Pharos (Illyria) Pharsalos (Thessaly) Phaselis (Lycia) Pheneos (Arkadia) Pherai (Thessaly) Phigaleia (Arkadia) Philadelphia Philadelphia (Cilicia) Philadelphia (Lydia) Philadelphia (Lydia) Philadelphia Arabiae Philippi (Macedonia) Philippines Philippopolis (Macedonia) Philippopolis-Trimontium (Moesia Inferior) Philisto-Arabia Phillipsburg Philomelium (Phrygia) Phistelia (Campania) Phliasia Phlius (Phliasia) Phoenicia Phoenix Phoenix Mills Phokaia (Ionia) Phokis Phrygia Phylakopi (Melos) Piakos (Sicily) Picardy Picenum Piemonte Pimolisa (Paphlagonia) Pisa Pisidia Pitane (Mysia) Pittsburgh Pittsford Plain thành phố Plakeia (Mysia) Plaquemines Plaquemines Parish Pleasant Unity Pleasantville Plotinopolis (Thrace) Pogla (Pisidia) Pointe á la Hache Poitiers Poitou Poland Polyrhenioni (Crete) Pomorskie Pompeii (Campania) Pompelo (Hispania) Pontus Populonia (Etruria) Pordenone Port Sunlight Portland Portland Portsmouth Portugal Poseidon (Karpathos) Poseidonia (Lucania) Potidaia (Macedonia) Potsdam Poughkeepsie Praeneste (Latium) Prague Prague Prague Prague (Bohemia) Praisos (Crete) Preston Priansosi (Crete) Priapus (Mysia) Priene (Ionia) Proctor Prokonesos (Mysia) Prosopites Nomos (Egypt) Prostanna (Pisidia) Provence Providence Provincia (Gaul) Prusa ad Olympum (Bithynia) Prusias ad Hypium (Bithynia) Prymnessus (Phrygia) Ptolemais-Barke (Cyrenaica) Ptolemaïs-Ake (Phoenicia) Pueblo Pulaski County Punjab Punjab Punjab Hills Puri Pydna (Macedonia) Pyrenees Pyrrha (Lesbos) Périgord Qazvin Qazvin or Isfahan Qazvin? Qingdao Qinghai province Qixia Quebec Queens Quercy Quincy Quyang Rabbathmoab (Arabia) Raidan (Arabia) Rajasthan Ramleh Ramnad Raphanea (Syria) Raqqa Ras Melqart (Sicily) Ratingen Ravenna (North Italy) Rayy Red House Reedsville Regensburg Resaina (Mesopotamia) Reutlingen Revere Revere Beach Rhagai (Hyrcania) Rhaukosi (Crete) Rhegion (Bruttium) Rhineland Palatinate Rhithymnai (Crete) Rhode Island Rhodes Rhodes Rhodes Rhodes (Aegean Islands) Rhone Rhosos (Syria) Richmond Rio de Janeiro Rochdale Rochester Rockingham Roebling Romania Rome Rome Rome (Latium) Romford Romula (Hispania) Roosevelt Rostock Rotomagus (Britain) Rouen Roxbury đá quý (Apulia) Russellton Russia Rutland Rügen Sabrata (Syrtica) Saetabis (Hispania) Sagalassos (Pisidia) Saguntum (Hispania) Sahagun Saint Denis Saitta (Lydia) Sakastan (Scythia) Sala (Lydia) Sala (Lydia) Sala (Mauretania) Salamis (Attica) Salamis (Cyprus) Salapia (Apulia) Salem Salzburg Samadion (Apulia) Samaria (Palestine) Samarkand Same (Kephallenia) Samnium Samos (Ionian Islands) Samosata (Commagene) Samothrake (Aegean Islands) San Fernando San Francisco San Marcos San Remo Sandringham Sandwich Santa Barbara Santiago de Compostela Sao Paulo Saqqara (Egypt) Saramana (Hyrcania) Sarasota Sardinia Sardinia? Sardis (Lydia) Sarmatia (Thrace) Saudi Arabia Savannah Sawar Saxony Saxony-Anhalt Scandinavia Schenectady Schleswig-Holstein Schweinfurt Scotland Scotts Run Scythia Sebaste (Palestine) Sebaste (Phrygia) Sebastopolis (Pontus) Segesta (Sicily) Segobriga (Hispania) Segundo Seine-et-Marne Sekaisa (Hispania) Sekia (Hispania) Seleucia on the Tigris (Mesopotamia) Seleukeia Pieria (Syria) Seleukeia ad Kalykadnos (Cilicia) Seleukeia ad Tigrim (Syria) Seleukis và Pieria (Syria) Selge (Pisidia) Selinous (Sicily) Selinus (Cilicia) Seneca Falls Sepphoris (Palestine) Serbia Serdaioi (Lucania) Serdica (Thrace) Seriphos (Aegean Islands) Sermyle (Macedonia) Sesamus (Paphlagonia) Sestos (Thrace) Seville Sevres Sexi (Hispania) Shaanxi province Shandong province Shanghai Shanglinhu Shanxi province Shaoxing Sheffield Shiga Prefecture Shiraz Shiraz? Shoushan Siberia Sichuan province Sicily Sicily Sicily (Kingdom of the Two Sicilies) Sicily or South Italy Sicily? Sicyonia Side (Pamphylia) Sidion (Apulia) Sidon (Phoenicia) Sidon or Damascus (Syria) Siemensstadt Siena Sierra Leone Sigeion (Troas) Signia (Latium) Sikeliotai (Sicily) Sikyon (Sikyonia) Sikyonia Silandus (Lydia) Silera (Sicily) Sillyon (Pamphylia) Sillyum (Pamphylia) Simla Singapore Singara (Mesopotamia) Sinope (Paphlagonia) Siphnos (Aegean Islands) Siracusa (Syracuse) Sirinos/Pyxoes (Lucania) Sirmium (Pannonia) Sirohi Siscia (Illyria) Sivas Skepsis (Troas) Skione (Macedonia) Skotussa (Thessaly) Skyline Skylletion / Skylation (Bruttium) Slovakia Smithland Smyrna (Ionia) Smyrna (Ionia)? Sofia Soissons Solingen Soloi (Cilicia) Soloi (Cilicia) Soloi-Pompeiopolis (Cilicia) Solous (Sicily) Solus Somerset Somerset Somerville Sonyea South South South Africa South America South Arabia South Asia South Bend South Carolina South Caucasus South Dakota South Germany South Italy South Italy (Uncertain Mint) South Italy or Sicily South Italy? South Philadelphia Southampton Southeast Asia Southeastern Gaul Southern France Southern India Southern Italy Southern Sweden Southern Turkey Southwest Southwest Caspian Area (Iran) Southwestern France Southwestern Syria Spain Sparrow"s Point Sparta (Lakonia) Spoleto Sprakers Spring Valley Springfield Springfield Sri Lanka St. Agnes St. Augustine St. Denis St. John St. Louis St. Paul St. Petersburg Stabiae (Campania) Staffordshire Stagira (Macedonia) Staten Island Stiela (Sicily) Stobi (Macedonia) Stockel-Bois Stockholm Stornoway Stratonikeia (Caria) Stratos (Akarnania) Sturni (Calabria) Stymphalos (Arkadia) Stölpchensee Sudan Suessa Aurunca (Campania) Suffolk Downs Suisun cất cánh Sumatra Sumer (Mesopotamia) Sunderland Surrey Susa Susa (Iran) Susa (Persia) Susa (Susiana/Babylonia) Sussex Swabia Sweden Swinemünde Switzerland Switzerland (Gaul) Sybaris (Lucania) Syedra (Cilicia) Synaos (Phrygia) Synnada (Phrygia) Syracuse Syracuse (Sicily) Syria Syria Syria or Egypt Syria or Phoenicia Syrinx (Hyrcania) Syros (Aegean Islands) Syrtica Tabai (Caria) Tabala (Lydia) Tabasco Tabriz Tabriz? Tahiti Taipei Taiwan Tambrax (Hyrcania) Tamil Nadu Tamusia (Mauretania) Tanagra (Boeotia) Tanjore Tanzania Taos Tarentum (Apulia) Tarentum-Taras (Calabria) Tarentum? (Apulia) Tarquinia (Etruria) Tarraco (Hispania) Tarrassa Tarrytown Tarsos (Cilicia) Tarsos (Syria) Tauric Chersonesos Tauromenion (Sicily) Tavion (Galatia) Taxila (India) Taxila Sirsukh (Scythia) Taüll Teanum Sidicinum (Campania) Teate-Teanum Apulum (Apulia) Tegea (Arkadia) Teheran province Tel el"Amarna (Egypt) Telesia (Samnium) Temenouthyrai (Phrygia) Temesa (Bruttium) Temnos (Aiolis) Tempe Tenedos (Troas) Tennessee Tenos (Aegean Islands) Teos (Ionia) Teotihuacan Teplitz Terina (Bruttium) Termessos Major (Pisidia) Termessos Minor (Lycia) Terone (Macedonia) Tetrapolis (Phrygia) Tewksbury Texas thái lan Thasos (Thrace) The Hague Thebai (Thessaly) Thebes Thebes Thebes (Boeotia) Thera (Aegean Islands) Therma (Macedonia) Thermae Himerenses (Sicily) Thespiai (Boeotia) Thessalonica (Macedonia) Thessalonike (Macedonia) Thessaly Thomasville Thourioi (Lucania) Thrace Thracian Chersonesos Thraco-Macedonia Thuria (Messenia) Thuringia Thyateira (Lydia) Thymbra (Troas) Thyrrheion (Akarnania) Tianjin Tianlongshan Tiberias (Palestine) Tiberiopolis (Phrygia) Tibet Ticinum (North Italy) Tilíssos Timbriada (Pisidia) Tingis (Mauretania) Tiryns (Argolis) Tlos (Lycia) Tlos & Kragos (Lycia) Toledo Tomaris (Lydia) Tomis (Moesia Inferior) Tongchuan Topeka Torino (Turin) Toronto Toulouse Tournai Trachonitis (Syria) Tragilos (Macedonia) Traianopolis (Phrygia) Tralles (Lydia) Trapezopolis (Caria) Trapezus (Pontus) Trebizond (Anatollia) Trenton Treptow an der Rega Trier (Germania) Trieste Trikka (Thessaly) Tripolis (Lydia) Tripolis (Phoenicia) Troas Troizen (Argolis) Troy Troyes Tuder (Umbria) Tullum (Gaul) Tulum Tunis Tunisia Turiaso (Hispania) Turkey Turkistan Turkmenistan Turkmenistan or Uzbekistan Tuscany Tuskegee Tyana (Cappadocia) Tyana (Galatia) Tyndaris (Sicily) Tyra (Thrace) Tyre (Phoenicia) Tyrol Tyrrhenoi (Sicily) Tōkyō Tōkyō Metropolitan Area U.S.S.R. Udaipur Udine Udine Uganda Ukraine Ulia (Hispania) Ulm Umbria Umbria Umbria (Uncertain Mint) Uncertain Cyprus Mint Uncertain European Mint Uncertain Mint Uncertain Mint Uncertain Mint Uncertain Mint (Macedonia) Uncertain Mint (Pontus) Uncertain Scythian Mint Uncertain Sicilian Mint Uniara Unidentified East Asian Site Unidentified Middle Eastern Site Unidentified Mint Unidentified Region Unidentified Site Unidentified Site Uniontown Unionville Center United United Kingdom United States United States? Unity Untikesken (Hispania) Upper Rhine Uranopolis (Macedonia) Urartu Urbana Urbino Ursentum (Lucania) Urso (Hispania) Utah Utica Utica Utrecht Uttar Pradesh Uttarakhand Uxentum (Calabria) Uzbekistan Valencia Valentia (Hispania) Valley of Mexico Vancouver Vari (Attica) Varysburg Vasiliki (Crete) Veenhuizen Veii (Etruria) Velathri (Etruria) Velia/Hyele/Elea (Lucania) Vence Veneto Venezuela Venice Venusia (Apulia) Veracruz Vermont Verona Verulamium (Britain) Vestini (Picenum) Vienna Vietnam Viminacium (Moesia Superior) Vincennes Viola Virginia Virginia Highlands Volcei (Campania) Vulci (Etruria) Vézelay Wailuku Wales Wallonia Walmouth Walpole Waltham Warendorf Warren Warrensburg Warrenton Warsaw Warwick Warwickshire Washington Washington Washington County Washington Court House Watertown Watertown Waverly Weimar Wellington Wendell West Africa West Bengal West Chester West Gaul West Indies West Memphis West Stewartstown West Virginia Westborough Western Anatolia Western France Western India Western Iran Western Iran Western Sudan & West Africa Western Turkey Western Uzbekistan Westmoreland Westmoreland County Whallonsburg Whitinsville Whittier Williamsburgh Williamson Wilmerding Wilmington Wilmington Winchester Winnipeg Wisconsin Wittenberg Woodbine Woodbury Woodlands Woodstock Woodstock Woodville Woonsocket Worcester Worcester Worms Worthington Wyandotte Wyoming Württemberg Würzburg Xanthos (Lycia) Xinjiang Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region Xi‘an Yangliuqing Yaphank Yazd Yemen Yingde Yogyakarta Yonkers Yonne Yorkship Village Yorkshire Yortan (Anatolia) Youngstown Yucatan Yukon Yungang Yunnan province Zakynthos (Ionian Islands) Zamboanga Zanjan province Zankle (Sicily) Zanzibar Zaozhuang-Zibo Zehlendorf Zela (Pontus) Zermatt Zeugitana Zeugma (Commagene) Zhaoqing Zhejiang Province Zhuxianzhen Zinc Zschopau Zurich Zwickau delete Seleuceia và Pieria (Syria) Üsküdar Century (not assigned) Unidentified century 6th millennium BCE 5th millennium BCE 4th millennium BCE 3rd millenniu