Regards , I have a question: are there any programs that can help you with combo or use of the skills easier? As if you just pressed on the keyboard just like you have sầu certain buttons on a button lớn attaông xã faster ? ( if this is allow , my fingers are bleeding ) P.S i.m new on the game almost 2month


This game is very ping dependent. You can only attaông xã as fast as your ping allows - the lower your ping is, the higher your dps is gonmãng cầu be. You can try using VPN programs like Pingzapper, WTFast, etc to lớn stabilize và lower your ping (to lớn an extent), thus increase your dps.

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However, I think what you are asking about is tự động hóa programs, or macros, etc... If this"s the case, you can use various third buổi tiệc ngọt programs at your own risk. Many players including me use razer mouse macro, xmouse, autohotkey, etc.... for pve grinding - trust me I know how much your fingers would scream when you play classes like summoner earth destroyer or fire force master for long hours... You piông chồng a program, then make a macro suitable for your class and your ping and then just use that. 


I recommkết thúc using macro for PvE grind lớn protect your fingers" health. By now you should know how spam intensive this game is. I originally did all the skills myself until my fingers started hurting & I"ve sầu been using macro ever since.


For program, I chose autohotkey. You can look up various guides online as to how to lớn use the program & how to write script for it.

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For example, I know that fire force master has the main rotation as follows: RMB LMB 2 + F whenever available (there are a few other things going on but this is lượt thích 80% of it, the rest I"ll vì chưng manually). Because the engine of the game is unreal 3 which contains delay on mouse input, I rebind my Rmb lớn button "t" on my keyboard, and my lmb lớn button "r" (you can look this up on YouTube) lớn mitigate that đầu vào lag. Then I proceed lớn make an autohotkey macro with a script that auto spam on toggle the following loop "T 2 R 2 F" in that order. There are 2 button "2" here because it"s the main dps skill and I don"t want the macro to skip out on any 2 blazing beam. If I want to lớn I can just shorten it down to T (RMB) R (LMB) 2 F. This macro has helped me a great giảm giá after over 1.5 year playing. I only use this in PvE. When I go to lớn PvP, whether aremãng cầu or 6v6, I turn it off. 




Besides 3rd buổi tiệc ngọt programs, you can use the simple mode feature of the game. You can press ShIFT F3 to lớn activate that mode. When the mode is on, you can just hold RMB & the game shall persize your rotation for you. Do take note that the rotations the game performs for you are, for most classes, inferior to what you can manually bởi - or what you can program 3rd party macro to do. Most players that use macro just stiông xã khổng lồ their 3rd tiệc ngọt macros instead of this simple mode, except for fire gunner or shadow assassin players.